Nathan's trip to Clayton, New York

A Boat for the River

In Clayton, New York a boat costs $275 to rent and an additional $50 per every day that you rent it. If Nathan spent $625 how many days did he rent the boat?

Renting a House by the River

Nathan's family wanted to rent a house but had a budget of no more than $4,500. They found a house that they could rent for a one time cost of $1,750 and $250 per day at the house. How many days can they stay in the house with a budget of $4,500?

Choosing a Rental Car

To get New York we needed a rental car that our entire family could fit in with space leftover. Car A can be rented for $100 initially and $45 a day. Car B can be rented for $90 and $50 a day. When will the prices of both rental cars be the same?

Going to Canada!

While Nathan and his family were on their trip in New York they also wanted to travel to Canada. In order to do this, Nathan and his family had to travel on a ferry boat. They had two choices between ferrys. Company 1 charged $40 for a ride and $5 per half hour of riding. Company 2 charges $50 for a ride and $1 for a half hour of riding. How many half hour sessions does nathans family have to ride to make company 1 more expensive that company 2?
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