Happy New Year!

believe that every day is the best day of the year

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of "new," I've decided to send environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, NEW YEAR greetings! A simple Christmas card wouldn't cut it this year. There is not enough room to really explain to each of you the impact you've had on our lives. And there definitely wouldn't be enough room after that explanation to say thank you on a tiny card :)

This year has been filled with more unexpectedness than I could ever imagine. In the midst of all this chaos and during one of the most difficult times of the year to feel a loss, both kids agreed as we drove home from Christmas dinner that this was their best Christmas ever. Your best Christmas during your worst year can only be found through the kind of LOVE, support, encouragement, kindness, rallying each of you have shown and given. Whether it's been a meal, a phone call, a card, a prayer, etc. every single thing has added up. Every action really does matter, no matter how big or small. Trust me! There is no thank you big enough to express how truly grateful my heart is. The impact you've had on our lives extends far into the future in ways you'll probably never realize. The only words I can say or type are thank you, which is hardly enough. I hope that your heart can understand the depth of those words.

This year has reminded me once again that time is a precious gift to be used wisely and that people and relationships are by far the most valuable things you can have. I am truly grateful for each of you who are reading this now. I look forward to wisely spending lots more time with each of you in 2016! Happy New Year!