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Volumen 13, Edicion 9 - Diciembre 6, 2019

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Hello Fronteras Families!

THANK YOU Mr. Johnson and Mr. Sides for volunteering to transport our risers and music stands for the concert! We are so grateful for the quick response and help!

We are all in for a real treat at Monday’s Christmas concert! Srta. Roe has put together an amazing production and the students have definitely risen to the occasion! We look forward to seeing all who can attend!

Next Thursday, Dec. 12th, is our whole school field trip to Glenn Massay Theater to watch the local Nutracker production! Students not attending need to be picked up promptly by 10am, as there will be no staff on campus to supervise.

Please share with your Fronteras students the district wide Spirit Week for all MSBSD schools next week:

Monday, Dec. 9th – Mustache Day

Tuesday, Dec. 10th – Holiday Day (any holiday works, 4th of July, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)

Wednesday, Dec. 11th – Disney Day

Thursday, Dec. 12th – Throw Back Thursday (any decade works!)

Friday, Dec. 13th – Crazy Hair Day

The last Thursday of the month, December 19th is PAJAMA DAY! Please join us in wearing your most favorite, fun, and school appropriate jammies!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

Stand for Safety Update!


  1. At the December 4 MSBSD Meeting, our Resolution 20-008 was passed unanimously!! Our voices were heard and our public comment was a substantial game changer. WELL DONE, Fronteras Family!! The campaign is NOT OVER. We need to stay informed and advocate for our east ‘island’ school-of-choice at this location. The district’s Resolution is below:

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) is managing Phase II of the Seward Meridian Parkway Road Improvements project to upgrade and widen Seward Meridian Parkway from the Palmer-Wasilla Highway to Bogard Road and extend the road to Seldon Road. The project is entering the right-of-way acquisition phase and is scheduled to begin construction in 2021.

The current design provides for a pathway along the west side of the roadway in the vicinity of Fronteras Spanish Immersion Charter, Career and Technical High School (CTHS), and Teeland Middle School (TMS). The project does not include provisions for pedestrians to safely cross the new roadway in the vicinity of those schools. Additionally, Administration has concerns with the flow of traffic when entering and exiting CTHS and TMS based on the new design.

This resolution formally recognizes these concerns and requests ADOT&PF give additional consideration to the current design in the vicinity of the aforementioned schools.

  1. Between the board meeting on November 20 and December 4, three actions were taken by the district. WELL DONE! These actions happened because we were heard! District staff observed traffic/pedestrian patterns on 11/22, 11/26, and 11/27 during the morning traffic. Second, A MSBSD shuttle began serving our Algebra I students traveling between TMS and Fronteras. Third, the district met with MSB staff on 11/26. The Safe Routes to School Committee (SRSC) was formed. DOT Central Region Safety Engineer provided feedback and requested changes are being incorporated in the graphic. This plan will then be utilized to communicate where acceptable or desirable pedestrian facilities exist and where it is or is not safe for pedestrian students. With the current DOT plan, the segment of the Seward-Meridian Parkway will be considered unsafe for ALL students to walk.

WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN??? There are three ways to look at all this.

OPTISMIC: A walkability plan designed by MSB and MSBSD will influence AKDOT to REDESIGN their plan and create a crosswalk(s) for Fronteras foot traffic. DOT moves forward with a new plan that incorporates these safe walking routes for all 3 schools AND the newly formed: Safe Routes to School Committee (SRSC) will influence future school designs so this inequality for safety does not happen again.

HOPEFUL: SRSC will not change the current DOT plans and the road will be built as designed. This means FIVE LANES of TRAFFIC moving at 45 mph with a west side lit sidewalk and NO CROSSWALKS for approx. half mile corridor. The committee will be successful in having DOT build infrastructure that supports a FUTURE traffic light at Tambert. The committee will continue to influence future school traffic patterns that are safe for kids.

PESSIMISTIC: The MSB and MSBSD will not cooperate to work on influencing AKDOT to change their plan. Bus routes will be added to serve kids but add more congestion. A faster and wider road will be built. DOT’s perception is that we don’t care enough and are happy with the current plan.


Ask yourself: “Which option do we want? What is best for pedestrian-students?”

Please email AKDOT with your public comment to:

Chris Benz, DOT project manager at:

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Lost & Found

Lost & Found will be taken to Goodwill on Friday, December 20th! Students and parents are encouraged to check Lost & Found daily.

Toys For Tots!

We are excited to announce something new this year! We will be a collection site for Toys For Tots! If willing and able, please drop off an unwrapped toy into the box in our front lobby. We will collect toys until December 17th. Thank you in advance for your support and care for those in need of a happy Christmas!

Parent Spanish Classes are Back!

The APC Board is proud to bring back parent Spanish Classes at Fronteras!!

These classes will be taught by a native Spanish speaker and will be broken down into a beginner class and an intermediate class (based on enrollment).

Classes will start on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 6:00pm and cost is $10 per person, per class.

We will be asking that payments are made month to month vs. week to to week, so please be prepared to bring $40 to the first class for that month's payment.

Workbooks will be provided at no additional cost.

Sign ups start now!

If you are interested in attending, please email Jen Manion at so you can be added to the roster.

A Word From Our School Ambassadors!

Hello Fronteras Students and Families,

We attended our third Student Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday. At the meeting, we discussed a district-wide Spirit Week that will run from December 9th to December 13th. Below are the themes for each day:

Monday: Mustache Day

Tuesday: Holiday Day

Wednesday: Disney Day

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Friday: Crazy Hair Day

Also, most of you know, we are doing a Toys for Tots toy collection at our school. The toy drive ends December 17th. Thank you to those who have already donated toys to this wonderful cause.

We will be sending information home with students next week about plans to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. The money raised from students purchasing ice cream will go towards purchasing toys for our Toys for Tots collection.

We hope you enjoy your weekend.


Kaija Backus

Karsyn Adams

Fronteras Student Ambassadors

Gwyn Burningham

Middle School Student Body President

Communication is Key!

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Brave and Kind Twins!

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Mr. McBride met the height requirement to do the Grinch honors on the tree!

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