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December 12 2558 by: Maxwell, Aidan, Leo, Connor

8 Year Anniversary of the death of Khufu

In remembrance of Khufu, we make this top headline in celebration of what amazing things this pharaoh has done for us all. Khufu died knowing that he has the largest pyramid in the entire world. He died knowing that his son and his son’s son will follow the tradition Khufu has started. And also knowing that Khufu will always be remembered as one of the best pharaohs ever! It has been eight years since the death of the amazing Khufu, and let us all take a moment of silence for his amazing, incredible, and important soul...

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Keeping Tradition Alive

Keeping tradition of the pyramids Khafra has now announced that he will continue the construction of the pyramid just like his dad did. He will make it look bigger but it won’t. He is also building a lion man in front of his pyramid so it can protect him from bad luck in the afterlife. He saysp that the pyramids are going to be built in order from bigger to smaller. This is Felecia signing out.
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Weather Report

Weather broad ‘’Here in Egypt there is breaking news it is very rainy and the sky is very dark this hasn’t happened in years it is a great disaster. Lightning are falling like crazy what did we do to the god Set did we make him mad what did we do to diserve a horrible punishment like this. This rain is estimated to continue for 2 more days.

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Archeologist Miracle

Breaking News! This just in Khafra reveals that his father had the archeologists that built his pyramid perfectly align with a star every 2,737 years! It is yet to happen but they do believe it will come. Can you imagine when it actually happens. Everybody will be in awe. Did the archaeologists actually pull it off or is it all a hoax?

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Pyramid in Process: One Up

Recently, Khafra has chosen to follow his dad and made a pyramid… but under certain circumstances. Khafra is messing a little bit with his dad’s fortune, but still making his smaller than his dad’s. His pyramid looks larger and taller due to the elevation of the ground. His workers are having to lift two ton limestone blocks! I feel bad for them, but it seems like Khafra does not care! I think that this is going to be a great success!

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Marriage Process for a Pharaoh

There is breaking news. Khafra has just married a town girl named

Meresankh III. He will host a huge party to celebrate his new marriage. When someone is getting married they would sign a contract to establish their marriage. This is similar to the process that is used today. Different marriage licences are often used depending on your religion.

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Breaking News: Making a Half-Lion Half-Man

Sphinx Khafra is going to build this crazy lion man that will protect his tomb once he dies that is a crazy idea he said it is going to be a protector to the pyramid that he will start to build later on in life everyone in Giza is shocked every one is questioning him about this new idea he also says in comes with the soul of the goddess of death Osiris.

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Process of Becoming a Pharaoh

To become a pharaoh your dad needs to be pharaoh. This system is called a dynasty. A dynasty is where the pharaoh would have a baby boy and when his dad dies the son will be the new pharaoh. Once our beloved pharaoh, Khafra, dies has son, Men care, will become the new pharaoh. If Khafra dies and has no kids then war would break out. War would break out because everybody would want to become the next pharaoh.

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Strategy Behind Building a “Sphinx”

There was a strategy behind building the Sphinx. The Sphinx was a half man half lion creature. The purpose of the Sphinx was to protect Khafra when he dies. I thought that it was to scare people from other places. I thought it would scare them so much that they wouldn’t go near it or the pyramids. I thought that this was a really smart idea from our amazing pharaoh, Khafra.

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Wanted: Rathos

Rathos is a horrible man who has committed many crimes such as Transgressions against the state, tomb robbery, and stealing from Djoser’s afterlife possessions. This man is a horrible man and should not be trusted. Do not make any deals with this man because he will find a way to rip you off. Try not to make any contact or get involved in any conversations with him. There will be a reward of 28 PIGS if you catch him. Khafra wants him dead on the spot. Pharaoh orders!
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