Spinning Jenny

Adrianna Crapper , 3rd period

Who is the inventor?? How does the invention work??

An English weaver in Standhill, England and was the first person to successfully build a machine to spin many threads at a time. No there was not another inventor that made improvments.

It was operated by a foot pedal, cotton fibers were drawn out, then tjhe fibers were then twisted lighty andspun onto eioght seperate spindles.

What is purpose of the invention?? Where did the invention occur??

The purpose was because they neededa machine to increase the spinners productivity. Usually the spinners would trade off with one another but with this machine it wouldn't take solongand wouldn't be as tiring as doing it by hand.

The invention occured in Standhill, England.

When did the invention occur?? Why was there a need for this invention??

He started in 1754 and was finished by 1768.

It played a important role in the mechanization of textile production.


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