Westward Expansion

By: Jorge Bravo

Manifest Destiny Painting

This picture presents the Americans going west. They consist of miners and farmer. The dark area is showing how they are kicking out the Indians. Also the train shows how they are building train tracks for people to move faster.
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1836 Texas Independence established

Texas was able to win the fight with Mexico giving them there freedom making Texas its own thing later it would because a state for the U.S.

Why did setters move to Texas?

The reson they moved to Texas is all the free land. People basically moved there because no one lived there meaning a lot of land that no one owned. They would move there for free land.
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The four trails

1-California- is used for land and gold

2-St Fe-is used for trading

3-Oregon-this trail was used for land

4-Mormon-was used for religious reasons

Mexican american war

1-Causes- Texas wanted to be free

2-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaglo-This is when america got a lot of land that consist of present day Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

3-Bear Flag Revolt-This is basically when California went against the Mexican gov. and named its self its own republic but soon after the American army occupied California

4-Gadsden Purchase-This is when america bought a chunk of land from mexico

Performance writing

I have worked on this steam bout business for many years but this amount of people coming in so fast business has never been this good. There are two types of people coming. One is the miners the dreamers that think they can strike it rich by mining gold. There is also the people that are going to use the people to make a business. If you ask me i think the businesses people are going be the ones that are going to get rich. Just think about it i transport hundreds of people that all need supplies. Also bakers people cant bring that much food people are going to have to eat to eat because food is necessary. Some people that come are just desperate for money.