Toddler Clothing

Emaan Allawala

Choosing the right clothes for your toddler is an important take. You have to make sure that the clothes are safe, comfy, and even long-lasting. With these few easy tips, you can make picking out the best clothes for your little one a breeze!


The first thing to beware of when shopping for your toddler's clothes is safety. Stuff we normally wouldn't think of, can be dangerous for a young child. For example, drawstrings on a hoodie are strangulation hazard. Buttons, bows, ribbons, and other small, loose items can be a choking hazard if they fall or are pulled off the clothing. Also, when buying sleepwear for your little one, make sure that it is flame resistant. MAke sure the clothing, especially the pants, aren't too big and loose on your child, this could cause them to get hurt.


Of course you want your toddler to be comfortable in their clothes! Uncomfortable clothing only leads to cranky children. When shopping, look to make sure that the fabric of the clothing isn't itchy and there are no loose tags. Comfy undergarments often help when wearing rougher fabrics. Also make sure the clothes are snug but not too tight and confortable with a diaper or a pull-up. The clothes should also make it easy for your toddler to be able to play, explore, and move around in.

Growth Features and Quality Construction

Growth Features:

Because toddlers seem to grow a lot in very little time, it might be affective to by adjustable clothing. Many clothing items that you will find will be stretchy and adjustable with buttons and waistbands.

Quality Construction:

Everyone knows that toddlers are messy little things. Quality clothing to look for will be those that last longer, won't wear out after just a few uses, and is washing-machine safe.

Clothing Care

If you check the tags on the clothes, most clothing items will have specific directions for best wash method. It may also help to pretreat stains before washing with hydrogen peroxide, detergent, or stain sticks. Not all clothing for toddlers is washing machine safe, some items may have to be hand-washed. It is also a good idea to try and use detergent that won't irritate the child's skin or cause them to have allergies if it is scented.


Last but not least is self-dressing. As your child grows older, they will begin to want to take off and put on their own cloths. There are some simple clothing itms you can find that will make self-dressing less frustrating for both you and your toddler. Some of these items are: velcro shoes, elastic-waisted pants, clothing with few to no buttons, and simple short-sleeve shirts.
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