The Hunting Ground

Makenna Giles


In the documentary film, "The Hunting Ground", producers clearly show the lack of attention that comes to rape on college campuses through ethos, pathos, and logos. Many rapes and sexual assaults go either unreported or get dismissed and that is exactly what producers are trying to make a change to.


The overall purpose of "The Hunting Grounds" is to inform viewers about sexual assault and rape on college campuses, and the amount of attacks that are neglected. They are trying to inform readers on the amount of attackers who are never penalized for what they do and the lack of action universities take to the issue because they would rather save the colleges name and reputation then save the heartbreak of the victims.

Elements that helped achieve the purpose


I think the film was extremely successful with relaying its purpose of informing viewers on the rape and sexual assault cover up on college campuses. At first I wasn't super intrigued on the issue but after the film I have taken more of an interest into the sexual assault problems on college campuses, I think the use of ethos, pathos, and logos really helped interest me. It made me realize just how sexual assault affects women and the seriousness of the situation, it also made me realize its much more common then everyone would think. Overall the film really made me realize that these women who are victims of such a horrible crime deserve justice and should not have to feel held down by the situation that happened to them.