The Final Battles

Spartans brings home the Win by Richard Del Vecchio


Xerxes army tried one more time to defeat their rival the Spartans dating around 480 B.C. They attacked at the battle of Plataea. The Persians were getting nervous at the site of the Spartan army. This victory showed us that when the Spartans and the Athens army work together they could accomplish anything We hope that the Persians will try to attack again so we can defeat them again.

Final Battle


In the Battle of Salamis dating around 479 B.C. Spartan ships were grouped together at the Island. The Persians divided their ships sending some ships around the island to attempt to cut off the Spartans. The Persian ships did not arrive in time to attack the Spartans. the Spartans tricked the Persians to think that they were retreating. They reversed their course and attacked and won, they defeated the Persians. They thought that was the last time the Persians would try to defeat the Spartans.

Quotes from Spartans

"We despise the Persians."

"We will always Win."

"We don't talk of the Persians."

"We never come back disappointed"