Princeton Battlefield

A day at the battlefield!

Biographical Overview of Prinecton Battlefield

In January of 1777, George Washington led his American troops, through Princeton to meet the British. George and his men, had just defeated the British at Trenton twice, and heard that the British retreated to Princeton. George marched through the night with his menThe Battle, was a turning point for George and his men, as they defeated the British here, and turned the war on Americas favour.

Questions and Answers:

  • How many men died on this battlefield from each side?

Out of the casualties about 232 people for the British were killed, and another 200-300 of other British troops were either injured or captured. For the Americans only around 31-37 men killed, and about 37 wounded, and only 1 captured

  • What were the conditions like during the battle? snow? cold?

The conditions at the battle field were very snowy and cold. It was about 21 degrees at 8 am, and the soilders fought in shin deep snow.

  • What famous war heroes passed through Princeton Battlefield besides George Washington?

There were many war heros from both the British and the American sides. General Hugh Mercer of the Americans, was one famous war hero, he was wounded with a bayonette, and was then laid beneath the famous Mercer Tree that still stands today at the Battlefield, and Mercer refused to leave the tree after being wounded to make sure victory was secured. Mercer died 9 days later from the wound. Another famous war hero was General Charles Cornwallis, leader of the British army that fought at Princeton. He wasn't really noticed as a hero beacause well his men and him didn't win the war.

My Trip to the Battlefield on November 8, 2015

I liked visiting the site because it is a part of history. It is amazing to think I was walking on the same land that George Washington passed over. It is also amazing to think this is where one of the battle’s occurred that brought America freedom from England and that people my age were fighting this battle too. I don’t think I could see myself fighting because it happened so long ago, and it’s not really something we have to fight for now. Its also just amazing to realize how your walking on a big part of our Countrys history!

Would I Recommend Going Here?

I would recommend seeing this site. It is a nice place to go if you just want to enjoy nature with your family. You can go on runs or walks, and can bring your dogs to go and walk around the site. There is also an educational purpose to it if you read the plaques and explore the house, the monument, and the Mercer oak Tree. Overall, I definatly reccomend the site!