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Are you a worried parent? Is your child falling behind in school? Well fear no more. With Tutoropolis your child's grades will be soaring high in no time! With these weekly classes your child won't be confused with difficult concepts in math or awkward grammar rules in English. NO! We want to bring out your child's potential with either our private lessons or our group lessons. Help your child be the BEST here at Tutoropolis.

Book your classes at 5780 Bell Harbour Drive

We've set up a school at 5780 Bell Harbour Drive. Here you can book your classes or attend your classes. Booking is done at the front desk, lessons are done upstairs in the rooms, and private meetings with our teachers are done downstairs in their offices. Book now and make you child the Ultimate student!












Friday & Saturday(Private & Semi-private):

-10:00-11:00am(Saturday only)

-11:30am-12:30pm(Saturday only)

-2:45-3:45pm(Saturday only)





Group(8-10 children):

$15 per child

Semi-private(2-3 children):

$25 per child

Private(1 child):

$32 per child


To make sure of maximum affect, we do, however, provide some homework. We will not assign very much because of perhaps increasing workload from school. The minimum amount will be 2 sides(1 page) and the maximum 4 sides(2 pages). If you would like to request more or less, you are welcome to. Simply talk to the front desk and arrange a meeting with us or contact us by phone or email.

Frequently asked questions

Most people want to know about our experience with children and accomplishments children have achieved under our guidance. To be honest, we are a relatively new tutoring center. We started 8 years ago so we have not had any amazing accomplishments achieved yet. We hope that your child will be the first. But don't underestimate us, Even though we are new, we still have amazing instructors. Below are bios of some of our instructors: