Personal Attributes Employers want

By Jack Watts

Specific Skills

Depending on the job that you're applying for you will need specific skills suited to that job, for example if you're applying to be a Chef in a Five Star restaurant you will need to be a qualified Chef with experience and reliable references. Most people will start a qualification at a place of learning with a certain job in mind this is to acquire the specific skills needed for the job. There are other Skills that Employers will be looking for, an example of this is if you can drive and if your drivers license has no points on it and a generic knowledge of health and safety.

General Attributes

There are many General Attributes needed to get most jobs such as knowing how to read, write and have basic math skills, these are the obvious Attributes needed for the majority of jobs. A basic set of GCSE's is usually looked for by an Employer this shows that you have attended a school/college and go your GCSE's. A driving license is sometimes looked for by Employers so that they know you can drive and use company vehicles if need be. Basic IT skills are becoming a must have just as much as GCSE's, an Employer wants you to be able to use emails and a have a basic Internet knowledge also using the Microsoft Office package at a mundane level is usually required.


Doing anything with the correct attitude contributes to the final outcome, for example doing a piece of work, depending on your attitude towards it depends on how fast you complete the piece of work. Attitude's towards learning effects how you learn and what you learn, this also impacts working the working environment requires a set of attitudes in order for you to be efficient, at your job. Employers are looking for the right attitudes towards working these can include being dependable, independent, teamwork, leadership, motivation, patience and integrity. If you can bring these attitudes to your work and show the employer that you're capable of this you will most likely be taken on as an Employee.

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General, communication skills

Being able to Communicate is a key factor when applying for a job, you'll need to know how to submit an application and how to respond to a phone call or application response. An Employer will want you to know how to communicate with fellow employees or costumers you'll need to know how to do this in a verity of ways such as cellular communication, emails, video chat and letters.

Interpersonal Skills

Employers are always seeking people that can communicate in a different language or other ways to communicate. Sign language is something that Employers will be looking for there are always people that are deaf or very hard of hearing that will speak the Language it will show that the company is professional and cares for its costumers if an Employee can sign.

Communication on Writing

It's emphasized throughout school, your English grade is important it shows an Employer that you can read and write to a decent level (If you pass). Employers are looking for this in almost every field of work. This is important as it shows that you can write an email, letter and have a generally good understanding of communicating and writing in English. This is very important as it's one of your core subjects.

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Background Noise

Background noise can effect the quality of work for example it can be distracting some people can't work in a noisy environment. If the company works with cellular communications such as phone calls or video calls, background noise is going to severely effect the call quality.


When working it's easy to get distracted especially with phones and computers you can browse the web. Everyone is guilty of getting distracted when at work you can get side lined.

Physical Barriers

Examples of Physical Barriers are when you are talking to someone, someone else could come and interrupt you while you're talking that could disrupt the flow of communication. You could have a speech impediment that will make it harder for people to understand you such as a lisp or a stutter. You could be hard of hearing which makes it harder for you to talk to people and communicate effectively.


If you're located in a giant building and are working in a rather small office cell it can be hard to concentrate.