Skeleton Creek

By:Patrick Carman

About the author

He is a award-winning author for young adult books. He was born in Feb.27, 1966. His book Skeleton Creek has been translated in two dozen languages.

summery of the book

Ryan is in the hospital because he was in an accident in a haunted mine. Sarah is sending hin passwords in secret because thier parents are mad at each other. Sarah hears a noise in the mine she seand the video to ryan. Ryan figers out that the noise is like mores code. The message is .- .-. . |-.-- --- ..-|- .... .|.- .-.. -.-. .... . -- .. ... -| it said "are you the alchemis?" Sarah and Ryan are going back to the mine to try to figure out the mystery, but they haven't figured it out. They do know the name of the ghost its old Joe Bush.