Ron Swanson For President

Leave America Alone Again

Vote for the Man Where Government Doesn't Exist

From Pawnee, Indiana, Ron Swanson has been the head of the Parks and Rec Department and effortlessly (literally a lack of effort has led the town to a thriving state). By letting others do the work for him and this man worrying about nothing besides his canoes and workshop, Ron Swanson is the perfect man to lead the GOP and leave America alone again.

Jobs He'd Fulfill

Chief Executive: Just stand by and let everybody do all of the work

Commander in Chief: Would crush all enemies such as ISIS without batting an eye

Chief Legislature: Would let better qualified people set public policy

Chief Administrator: Would get rid of all unnecessary government jobs to not waste money

Chief of Citizens: Follow the Constitution to a T, would expect all citizens to do the same

Chief of the Party: would make one party, the American party for America

Chief Diplomat: would make America worry about itself, not the world's police

Qualifications: is 49 years old born in Indiana

Why Should You Vote Should for Swanson

It's not a Democrat of foreigner

He doesn't believe in taxes

He doesn't believe in hard work