Japan in My Eyes


About Me

Hello my name is AIMI( 愛美) my name means freash or new. I was born in the city of Tokoyo in the year 2000. I am an only child with my mother and father both working full time at the public school .I moved to the island of Kyushu with my family to escape the stress of the big city. Now that you know a bit about me lets move on.


My favourite food in Japan is sushi, why because it is a small food with such taste and beauty. I have been eating sushi my whole life and I love it more then any other food. One of the best things about sushi is it comes in so many different flavours like chicken , crab ,fish and so many more. Most days at school I have sushi for lunch and so do most of my friends. My favourite type of sushi is Daikon Oshinko Maki or in engish Japanese radished pickles. My best friend HIKARI (光) favourite type of sushi is Ikura Gukan or salmon roe.
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The class I like most at school is math, I find it so complex how the numbers work together to make the answer. Another reason I like math is the way maths can really only have one answer. When I was a young child in Tokoyo I was obsessed with counting up and down all day.My mother says my first was number, and from then on my love of number grew and it continues to grow
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After School

When I finish school I go to my after school activities. My after school activity is table tennis, I got nto table tennis because of my father, he was a state table tennis play back in his day. he taught me the rules and how to play in our tiny apartment that we owned in Tokoyo. Now that we have moved we have a much bigger house and even a backyard. My table tennis class starts at 3:30pm ( so straight after school ) and go's to 5:45pm ( so I don't get back home till 6:00pm )
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My Favourite Tv Charater

I LOVE Hello Kitty. She has been my favourite charater all my life, and she will be forever. I have been watching Hello Kitty since I was a baby in Tokoyo, it was the biggest show back then and is it still is. At school me and my friends talk about Hello Kitty all day everyday. When I get back from table tennis I turn on the tv and watch Hello Kitty till dinner.
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The best holiday is Ocean Day ( umi no hi ) on the third Monday of July every year. It was only recently introduced to celebrate the ocean.

The day marks the return of Emperor Meiji from a boat trip to Hokkaido in 1876. When Ocean Day comes I celebrate by going down to the ocean and swimming in it all day! One other thing I do on Ocean Day is have a family water fight by the sea!

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An Animal I would like to Save

The Japanese Macaque is a beautiful animal but is becoming very rare.I would want to save this animal the most becuase it is one of the beauiful animals on this earth. If we don't save it now we will not have the chance again. My grandmother was a Japanese Macaque carer and had a great love for them. I grew up around pictures of Janpanese Macaques and I have an endless love for them.

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