Anita Roddick

By: Kauren Momin and Sarah Dabdoub

All About Anita Roddick

  • Anita Roddick was born on Oct 23rd, 1942.
  • She married Gordon Roddick and had two daughters named, Samantha and Justine.
  • Her parents were Italian immigrants that had recently arrived to England.
  • She was a British human's right activist, and the founder of The Body Shop.
  • She is famous for the famous, tremendous Body Shop.
  • The Body Shop sells products that were made with natural ingredients.
  • She founded an orphanage called Children on the Edge for kids living in part of Europe and Asia.
  • Before The Body Shop. Anita trained as a teacher before working for the United Nations.
  • Working with the United Nations allowed her to meet people from all around the world. She received over ten awards for being amazing.
  • She received a scholarship to study in Israel, but she was expelled after an incident.
  • She attended Spa Bath University.
  • She donated $1.8 million to Amnesty International's School for Activism.
  • On September 10th, 2007, she died from a massive brain hemorrhage.
  • Her net worth was estimated at over $200 million.

The Body Shop

  • The Body Shop is a body shop that sells all natural products.
  • All of their products are animal cruelty free.
  • It was founded on March 26, 1972.
  • The Body Shop is part of the L'Oreal family.
  • The Body Shop now has several new products and they're selling things internationally all around the world.