Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy from Chicago who knew nothing of the southern states ways. he was a helpful son to his mother and neighbors. He was suppose to come to Omaha NE, but he chose to go to Money Mississippi, because he had more family there. So his mom sent Emmett on a train down to Mississippi. Once he got to Money, his uncle and cousins were so excited to meet him. its been a while since visited them. one day Emmett was hanging out with his cousins, and they went down to Bryant's groserie store, and one of his cousins dared him to holler at the cashier(she was white).., but they never really thought that he was going to do it, they were just testing him but he did it. The cashier was Bryant's wife, and she said that Emmett came into the store checking her out and said some things that a black person wouldn't be able to say to a white person. Then after leaving the store, Emmett so called whisled at her. Bryant's wife said she went to the car to grab a gun but when she came back Emmett and his cousins were out of site. The Next night two guys showed up at Emmett's uncles house, it was J.W. Millam and Bryant, the store owner. they came for Emmett. J.W. put a pistol to Emmett's uncle's head and yelled "where is the boy who did all that talk in money, then they ransacked all of the rooms until they found the boys room. The boys were all woken up by the loud noises, then Millam asked the boys who did all that talking at Bryant's store. They all pointed at Emmett... Emmett was told to get dressed, and was forced to move quicker. then Millam, grabbed Emmett and took him out side to be identified by Bryant's wife. She said he was the one. Then Millam forcefully threw Emmett in the car and Bryant drove off. They went to an old barn shed and tortured him. They shot him and they tied his body to a cotton-gin fan. then trew him in a river and left him there . 3 days later Emmett's corps was found in the river by a fisherman. the sheriff calls Mose Right(Emmett's uncle) to see if he could identify Emmett's body, he did. Because of the ring Emmett's dad gave him. Authories said to put him in a casket immediately, but Emmett's mom said "no, I want his body back in Chicago so everyone can see how bad the south was, they did her favor.

I recommend this book because, it explains how the south was unfair to african american's under any circumstances