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Vol. 2 Edition 6

Welcome to Week 5!

  1. Students & Staff of the Week!
  2. Coyote Calendar
  3. Faculty Spotlight- Introducing our New RN!
  4. Actionable Items- Register to be volunteer, Submit Student and Faculty Howlouts
  5. Calling all Coyotes- Need AN 8TH GRADE CLASS SPONSOR, AP for a day, Join SAC
  6. Coyote Resources- PD Opportunities: Clinical Educator, GIfted
  7. School News- Great American Teach In & Buccaneer Fundraiser & Gym Discount
  8. Swag on Sale
  9. Parent Howler Hub & Coyote Voice

Important News


The window for submitting progress report grades will open on Friday, September 7th and will close next Wednesday, September 12th at 9:00am. All grades must be submitted prior to 9:00am on September 12th. If you need support with submitting your grades please reach out to your mentor or evaluating administrator.

Media Center is Closed Tuesday-Thursday

Due to FSA Retake/Make-Up testing, the Media Center will be closed to all students and staff starting at 7:25am. Teachers checking out computer carts/ipads need to do so before 7:25am and copying should be done in the mailroom. Do not send students to the media center for any reason. An email will be sent out to ALL STAFF will be sent out when testing has concluded each day.

Congratulations to our Coyote Students of the Week!

Chris Bowman

Brandi Smith

Cody Ostapchuk

Reese Koster

Rachel Thomas

Shalai Navarro

Luciano Volpe

Congratulations to our Coyote Staff of the Week!

Dan Uchacz

Sara McIsaac

Shenan Stewart

Rachel Bundy

Kandis Alfonso

Miranda Oller

Jennifer Jackson

Justine Hoch

Kristin Chilcote

Darrell Davis

Caitlin Smith

Hugh Herndon

Arielle Getz

Joann Ortiz

Elizabeth Lloyd

Nitza Diaz

Ariel Manning

Joel Prater

Tanisha Collins

Barbara Martin

Melanie Riggle

Melissa Green

Congratulations to the following Students!!

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved their FSA Algebra 1 EOC or FSA 10th ELA through the new Concordant Scores for 2018-19! Celebrate these students’ success as we HOWL at Assessments!

Algebra 1 EOC


Anguiano, Hector ACT-NCR

Hook, Megan PERT

McClure, Bailey PSAT

Mercado, Tamia PSAT

Smith, Brandon PSAT

Trujillo-Lebron, Ariana PERT

West, Makenzee PSAT


Alvarado, Antonio PSAT

Fleshman, Shayla PSAT

Florey, Kyle PSAT

Fuller, Alexis PSAT

Hobson, Evan PSAT

Nieves, Erik PSAT

Nogaibayeva, Renata PSAT

Radar, Jordan PSAT

FSA 10th ELA


Bailey, Brian ACT-NCR

Barber, Wyatt SAT SD

Bobik, Rebecca ACT-NCR

Coyote Calendar

WEEK 5: Sept 10th- 16th

Monday Sept 10

ATP Drill

Please show this in your first period

2pm- Powderpuff Practice- Alfonso PE Field

2:30-4:30- Adult Education Room 3-228

3:30- Girl's Golf vs Tampa Catholic @ HOME

5:30-7:30- Coyote Baseball Fall Conditioning

6pm/7:30- HS Girl's Volleyball vs Sarasota Military Academy@HOME

Tuesday Sept 11


10th Grade ELA Retakes

12pm-College Admissions Rep from UCF in Room 4-102

2pm- After School Detention in Room 3-224

2pm- Powerpuff Practice PE Field

3:30pm- Boy's Varsity Golf @ Anclote High School

3:30pm- Girl's Varsity Golf vs WRHS and AHS @ Tampabay Golf & Country Club

6pm- Herff Jones Cap & Gown and Graduation Announcement Parent

6:30pm- MS Football vs Pineview Middle @ HOME

Wednesday Sept 12



10th Grade ELA Writing Retake Make-Up

2pm- Class of 2020 Meeting 4-225

2pm-PTSA Board Meeting in Media Center

2:30-4:30- Adult Education Room 3-228

3:30- HS Boy's Golf vs Academy at the Lakes @ Plantation PALSM

6pm- HS Swimming vs ZHS/ WCHS @ New Tampa YMCA

Thursday Sept 13

Geometry EOC Session 1 Make-Ups

12pm- Admissions Representative from Wesleyan College in C and D Lunch

12pm-College Admissions Rep from UCF in Room 1-144

2pm- After School Detention in Room 3-224

2pm-3pm- All-Staff Trauma Informed Care Training Click here for group and location

* Those staff member that attend this will be able to leave at 2pm on Friday

6pm- MS Volleyball vs Centennial Middle @ HOME

6pm- HS JV/V Volleyball @ ZHS

7pm- JV Football vs Sunlake @ HOME

Friday Sept 14

Progress Reports

Geometry EOC Session 2 Make-Ups

Jeans Day with Coyote Gear

8am- MS Glow Run in Gym

2pm- School Leadership Meeting in 3-102

3:30pm- Girl's Golf Vs Academy at the Lakes @ Plantation

7:30pm- Varsity Football vs Pasco High @ HOME

Saturday September 15

8am-12pm- All-State Band Auditions @ Stewart Middle School

Faculty Spotlight

Introducing Jennifer Oyer our New School Nurse!

My name is Jennifer Oyer and I am your new school nurse. I wanted to give you a little information about myself. I have been a nurse for 15 years and before that I was an EMT. I was the Neonatal/Pediatric transport coordinator at Sacred Heart Children's hospital for 6 years, in Pensacola, FL. I flew all over the country and internationally to bring sick children to facilities that could care for them. I also lived in Blue Ridge, Ga for 3 years until last year when I moved to the Land O'Lakes area where I live with my 7 year old son Wyatt, who attends Bexley Elementary. Before coming to Pasco County schools, I worked at St. Joe's Women's Hospital in the NICU.

Actionable Items

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS: Action Required- Complete Survey

As part of our partnership with Equal Opportunity Schools, we are asking each staff member to take a 30-minute online survey designed to gather important information. The data will be presented back to us later this winter so that we can better understand how to build on what is already working to enhance equity in our school. Please use your staff email address as your login to the survey (see link below).

Phase 1: Climate Survey

This is the questionnaire regarding staff experiences, equity, barriers to advanced coursework, and staff assets. Often, people who don't teach work with or have their own children who are in classes. We are curious about both teaching and non-teaching staff’s valuable feedback and perceptions about student preparation for AP, the challenge of non-honors courses, and other key issues. For non-teaching staff, many questions have a "not applicable/do not know" option and the few that don't tend to provide an "other" response that staff can use to share that they don't currently teach and so don't have an opinion.

Please be as honest and frank as you can. This information will NOT be tied back to you or used for evaluative purposes.

Phase 2 will be completed in October

Students will be taking the EOP surveys on Monday through the Social Studies department.


There are 20 high school students who have 5th period off campus placeholders. On the activity period day, please tell these students to go to the media center so that they don’t have to leave campus and then return to 4th period. We will also be notifying the students directly, but wanted you to be aware of where they are to go.

Help us get Gold Volunteer Status!

We get credit anytime an employee volunteers to help at school outside their contract time. You all so graciously donate your time and we just need to document it!

However, we need you to:

Join the CCMHS Equal Opportunity Partnership Committee

The Equal Opportunity Committee works to better serve underrepresented students and improve the accessibility of advanced learning classes. As a group, we will analyze gap charts, equity pathway reports, and review end of year student/administrator surveys. The goal of EOC is to make equity a priority and improve access to AP courses at CCMHS.

Click here to join!

Join the SAC Committee- We need staff members!

Click here to join or nominate!

Click on the image to enlarge it and learn about what the SAC Committee does

Our First Meeting is September 4th at 6:30

Submit a Faculty Howlout!

“Faculty Howlout’s will drive our selections for Staff Member of the Week. Each week we will announce all of our HS and MS Coyote staff members of the week! These staff members will have their names announced on the intercom on Friday. At the end of the quarter the Staff Members of the Week will be invited to a special luncheon in their honor! We look forward to receiving numerous staff shout outs so we have many to select from each week!”

Click here to submit!

Submit a Student Howlout!

Student howlouts will drive our selections for Student of the Week. Each week we will select two HS and two MS students as the Coyotes of the Week. At the end of the week these students will be invited down to the flag pole in the center of the courtyard where we will have a Coyote Flag to be raised on Friday. These students will get the honor of raising the flag each Friday, and will have their names announced on the intercom! At the end of the quarter we will have a breakfast for all of our Students of the Week and their parents.

Click Here to Submit!

Calling all Coyotes

In need of an 8th grade class Sponsor

We are in need of an 8th Grade Class Sponsor. This position gets a paid supplement. Please email Ms. Macri at if you are interested.

Looking for a Best Buddies Club Sponsor

Coyote staff members did the deadline for hosting a club pass you by and you are now interested in hosting a club? Best Buddies is a club that was run on this campus last year, has a charter membership, and is in need of a staff member to sponsor the club. If you are interested, please contact Meighan Melsheimer for more information.

Coyote Resources

Coming Soon!! Coyote News Show

We will be starting up the news in the next few weeks. If you have an announcement you would like on the news please fill out the link below.

Professional Development Opportunities

New Teacher and Clinical Educator Training Dates for 2018-2019- Share with new teachers and staff

New Teachers that are in their first or second year have 2 professional development courses during the school year. Please reference this document to view those PD dates as well as the dates for Clinical Educator Trainings. Please share these dates with your teachers. If you have questions, contact Jenny Rinck.

Core Professional Development Plans-Share with Staff

In the Office for Leading and Learning SharePoint site within the "Leading and Learning Resources" section you will find documents that outline the Core professional development offerings for 18-19. An overview document can be found using this link, but is also in the CORE PD folder, this is the information shared during the principal meeting as well. Please share with staff and don't hesitate to reach out to Jennifer Waselewski for additional questions.

Gifted Endorsement Courses- Share with Staff

Pasco County Schools will be offering gifted endorsement courses for free throughout the school year to provide our teachers an opportunity to develop their knowledge about gifted education and add the endorsement to their teaching certificate. Gifted teachers must be endorsed or actively working towards endorsement. In order to receive endorsement, teachers must complete 5 courses. The courses are blended formats with 3 mandatory face-to-face classes and the bulk of the coursework completed online. While these courses can be helpful — all participants complete the course with lessons, strategies, and activities that can be used immediately in their classrooms - they are 60-hour courses. Participants should plan to devote an appropriate amount of time each week to complete the research and learning activities.

This document lists course information. Please share this with your teachers and have those interested complete the registration request form for the 2018-19 school year. Teachers that have been tagged to gifted students will be prioritized for enrollment. Please contact Kristin Ingold with any questions.

Fall Reading Endorsement Course Offerings-

Pasco County Schools offers five reading endorsement courses throughout the school year and summer to provide our teachers an opportunity to add the endorsement to their teaching certificate. In order to receive the endorsement, teachers complete courses that develop their understanding of the foundations of language, research of best practices, assessment, and differentiation in reading, as well as a semester practicum. Once all five courses are successfully completed, teachers can add the endorsement to their certificate.

The link below lists the courses offered this fall, their myPGS course number, and details about dates that the courses run for the summer. Also linked is a FAQ document that provides additional information about endorsement requirements. Please share this with anyone who may be interested in your buildings.

We are anticipating high enrollment in these courses; please encourage teachers to register quickly. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Hatten.

Student Services

Are you concerned about a student? Behavior, Academics, or Attendance

Refer them to the Students Services Team!!

Click here to refer them!

We are an MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Team that includes admin, counselors, behavior staff, ESE staff, medical, & socio-emotional staff. The team meets every Tuesday.

Our goal is to identify students in need of support and meet those needs. If you have a student that needs support please submit the student’s information via the mach form.

Big picture

School News


CCMHS will be administering the ACT-NCR (Non-College Reporting) on Tuesday, October 2nd and the SAT-NCR on Wednesday, October 10th. Both tests are open to all students who have not yet satisfied the FSA Algebra 1 EOC or FSA 10th ELA graduation assessment requirements. The cost is FREE to any SENIOR who has not yet meet either (or both) graduation assessment requirements and those Seniors will automatically be registered for both exams. Please see Mrs. Larimore in the Media Center for more information or to register for either exam. The last day to register is Tuesday, September 11th.

Big picture

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fundraiser!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are excited to offer special savings to our local schools with a portion of every ticket purchasing going back to benefit your school! In addition, students have a chance to win exclusive prizes.

See the attachment below reagarding this awesome fundraiser!

The Great American Teach-In

The Great American Teach-In will be held November 12-November 16 during the Middle School and High School Intervention/Core + periods. Please email if you would like a speaker in your class during this event, and if you have any specific careers or topics you are interested in for your students.

Parent Howler Hub

Here is this weeks Parent Howler Hub! This is sent out via remind on Sunday Night!

If you ever want to submit anything to go in the Howler please use this request link.

It is also in the Requests Section of Sharepoint.

Items for Sale

Pack Leader T-Shirts

I have a limited number of pack leader t-shirts on sale for $20 . Please purchase them for only yourselves to wear, not for non-pack leader students. The sizes I have left are 10 Mediums, 12 Larges and 2 XL.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to purchase a shirt do not email me. The size choice will disappear in the form once it’s reached the max amount of orders. I would say they run a little larger than normal.

I physically have the shirts, so once you pay me you get your shirt immediately! All proceeds go to my pack leader program.