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Norfolk Jr. High

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Little Miss. Muffet

Breaking news, reported on July 01, 1942. Little Miss Muffett was eating her porridge and wayne in the Garden of Fairies, when a spider crawled up beside her and wanted some of her porridge. She thought the spider is deadly, so she got super scared and ran away. When she was halfway home, she was overwhelmed with her fear and had a heart attack. Luckily, the huge spider found her and carried her to the hospital. She will be okay, and she is now in the recovery room. After that day, she never saw the spider that saved her life again.
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The Flash

Barry Allen’s mother was murdered when he was eleven years old. The police claimed his father did it, but Barry knows that he didn’t. Fifteen years later, Barry becomes a crime solver scientist testing DNA and finding the criminals and other things like that.

Wells, the scientist of Star Labs, builds this machine and it explodes giving off bad energy to the whole city killing many. That very same night the accelerator explodes, and Barry gets struck with lightning. Barry wakes up from a coma nine months later and has this amazing speed. Only Kat, Sissco, Roni, Ray, Wells, Eddie, Jo, Velicity, Iris, and Oliver, know who Barry is. Now Barry, with the help of his team, Jo, Wells, Kat, and Sissco, will save humans from other metahumans, since he was not the only one affected by the blast.

Everyone is getting suspicious about who Wells really is, so Sissco looks into it. Sissco did find out the truth about who Dr.Wells really is and for that Wells kills him, but then Barry goes so fast, that it sends him back in time which made Sissco no longer dead. Barry now knows how to travel back in time and save his mother from dying. The man in the yellow suit who killed Barry’s mother is Wells, he wants Barry to take him back to his time because he has been trapped in the present for 15 years. Wells planned for Berry to be zapped with the lightning, and purposefully new that the accelerator would explode. He also just confessed that he killed Barry’s mother.

Finally, Barry travels back in time to learn that he can’t save his mother because his future self told him not to. When he got back from the past to the present, he attacked Wells. EddieThon is the ancestor of Wells (Alibar Thon). He kills himself and then Wells dies. After the worm hole gets out of control, Barry goes into to stop it. What will happen next? Will he disappear trying to stop or will he be alright? We will have to wait until season two….

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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite was released on August 27, 2004. The actor Jon Heder plays the role of Napoleon Dynamite, a teenager with a red fro, his moon Boots, and his illegal ninja moves.

Napoleon's family consists of his Grandma(Sandy Martin), his fragile brother Kip(Aaren Ruewell), and Uncle Rico(Jon Gries). His family definitely doesn’t fit into a crowd. With that, it makes it even harder for him to fit in. If he wants to fit in, it will be impossible to juggle everything at school, and take care of his own bizarre family.

Napoleon has a lot of trouble fitting in at school, or anywhere else really. After his Grandmother is injured in an accident, his life gets even worse by his strange Uncle Rico. He came to watch over him, but he has no safe haven not home nor school. Napoleon spends his time drawing magical creatures, on his computer, and begrudgingly feeding his Grandma's pet llama.

Napoleon’s only friend is the new kid Pedro, who is a Hispanic boy who speaks little English. When his best friend Pedro decides to run for class president, it is Napoleon who will help him triumph over adversity. Then he falls in love with this girl and instead of impressing her, he almost runs her over with a lawn mower.

Obviously, Napoleon is one aliened-up teen. With his imagination, him not fitting in and his weird family, I don’t know if he will ever make it. I hope Napoleon gets Pedro to win class president, and everything works out for him.

Napoleon Dynamite (Modern Trailer)


My favorite app is Pic Collage because you can put different photos together and do all kinds of cool things to your photos. First, you have to choose your layout to put your pictures in. It may be hard to choose, because there are 60 different ones to choose from. What I do is think about the amount of photos I am putting in, then choose what layout is best. Second, you double tap the screen, so you can choose your background. After that is done, there is a little button on the bottom left hand corner that has a variety of options to choose from when you click on it. Out of those options you will need to choose photos. Then it gives you two options to either take a picture, or upload one from you camera roll. If you would like to take a picture you can, otherwise you would choose camera roll. Then from your camera roll you tap the pictures you would like to put in your collage. After you have done that, at the top right corner there is a done button you would select that. Automatically, your photos will be uploaded to the page. You can rearrange, change, and put your photos in all different sizes anywhere. When you have you pictures where you want them, you can click on them and at the bottom of the screen a whole bunch of options will appear. You can cut down the photos, change the colors, add text, and a whole bunch more. When you are satisfied with what you have created, at the top right hand corner there is a done button. If you would like to save your creation, once you hit done there will be a save button at the top right hand corner. I hope you try using this app and have fun while creating a collage. I know I did!

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