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This Issue: Get Ready! Get Set! REACH! Effective Strategies for Targeted Student Outreach

The Division of Student Academic Success is excited to share with you the first issue of CONNECTED, a monthly newsletter dedicated to RaptorConnect, our Student Success Management System. Each month the newsletter will focus on topics relevant to student success and serve as a means to share important system updates, valuable tips, and additional opportunities to increase application of the system to improve student outcomes.

3 Reports That Support Proactive Student Outreach

5 Types of Emails Students Ignore - How To Get Your Emails Opened

When it comes to communicating with students, email is a tried-and-true method for relaying information quickly and easily to the campus community. But as higher education leaders have learned, email comes with numerous challenges. EAB Director, Kathleen Escarcha, discusses the 5 common types of emails student ignore and what you can do to get those emails opened! LEARN MORE.

How Kennesaw State University Used a Simple Email to Reach Non-Enrolled Students

ConnectED: Dr. Chris Hutt, Kennesaw State University, How a Three Sentence Email Changed My Advising

Case Studies: Using Campaigns to Support Student Success

Start Using Targeted Campaigns!

Targeted advising campaigns are an effective way to proactively target key student populations with personalized communication and intervention. By focusing on the students who need the most help, advisors are able to maximize the impact of their overall efforts. RaptorConnect makes it easy to create campaigns by deploying risk analytics in combination with advanced search filters, allowing advisors to make certain that students do not fall through the cracks. Click here for step-by-step instructions to create an appointment campaign.

Please use this standardized campaign naming convention: Population/TermYr/Advisor

Administrative Tasks To Do Before Fall '19

Update appointment availability.

If you use RaptorConnect to allow students to schedule appointments, remember to update your availability for the upcoming semester, keeping in mind scheduled time off, university holidays and needed administrative time! Also, check your Outlook calendar to make sure non-student appointments are marked as 'Busy'.

Update Tags & Watch Lists

Tags and Watch Lists can be used within Advanced Search/Reports options, as filters in Population Health Dashboard, or to view Activity Analytics.

Tags are a great way to keep track of students within a semester and may need to be updated regularly. Watch lists are best for tracking students over time in analytics features to follow cohorts of students or to keep track of the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to Create a Watch List.

Review Open Cases

Open your Case file, the File Folder Icon on the red side-bar to see Cases that have been assigned to you. Close cases that may have lingered from past semesters.

Update Cohorts and/or Categories

Provide the Registrar's Office with Category changes for next semester. Changes made to a student’s university record will appear in RaptorConnect within a day or two.


Charting a Path to Persistence: Strategic Interventions for Adult and Online Learners

  • Monitor Financial Stop-Out Risk
  • Monitor Academic Stop-Out Risk
  • Monitor Engagement Stop-Out Risk
  • Encourage Re-enrollment
  • Facilitate Adult Degree Completion

Communication User Guide

Student Messaging Through the Platform

  • Alert Notifications
  • Recording Attendance
  • Case Notifications
  • Appointment Communications

Next Month's Topic: Alerts & Case Management, Mid-Term Progress Reporting

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