Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

St. Gabriel School ................. January 19, 2016

Dear Learning Loft Families,

We hope you are staying warm! And it is our hope that you feel the difference your child's pre-school Christ-centered education at the Learning Loft is making. As the preschool years wind down we are anticipating you continuing this high standard at St. Gabriel into the day school. As your children progress through their first years from Mommy-and-Me, they prepare for "bridging across campus" to Kindergarten, and then continuing beyond, all the way to the final years of 7th and 8th grade junior high!

We know that for some of you, this may be a time of decision in considering a different path and educational family for your child. You are already a part of our school family, so please know that we hope you stay on your path with us in the years to come! If there is any way that we can be of assistance to you in this process, please let us know!

Because of some of the different operational procedures needed in the Loft, part of the bridging process to Kindergarten is the completion of an enrollment application. Actually as many of you know, all of our grade levels follow a similar re-enrollment process between grades. If you have not yet had the opportunity to complete this, please see the steps below for enrollment in Kindergarten. Or visit our ADMISSIONS TAB on our website for forms and more information on enrollment in grades 1-8. Thank you to those families who came to the first Kindergarten Round Up at the Loft!

Important Dates:

January 25, Kindergarten Round Up at Learning Loft, see below

January 31, Catholic Schools Week Open House, 11:30 am Mass, Open House to follow

Join us for an afternoon of fun activities where our current families, alumni, and inquiring families come to see wonderful art displays, performances, and activities. Register here.

February 23, Mini Open House for inquiring families. Register here



Kindergarten Round Up for Learning Loft Families!
At the Learning Loft Great Room
January 25, 11 am-noon
Please bring the following to complete your application:
· Application
· Tuition Form
· Baptismal Certificate
· Birth Certificate
· Check for $295.00-covers instructional, snack, and supply fees
Please make check payable to St. Gabriel School