All about my life

Natalie Russ


I am currently 14. Living a life in a family of 7. The second youngest of 5 kids (Brian 20, Lauren 19, Sarah 17, Me 14, Nolan 12). And I have moved a LOT. I was born in Chicago Illinois, and moved here to Missouri when i was around 3, around the age of 9 I moved to Portland Oregon, and then moved back to Missouri when i was 12. As a student I wouldn't say I'm the most persistent or progressive learner but if i find something that interests me (for example a really good book) then I'm immediately hooked
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Natalie's birthday

Monday, March 13th 2000 at 12am

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL


I like to do sports, play with my dogs and bunny, and hangout with my friends


I have played many sports in my life, i used to play volleyball for about 5 years but decided to do something else freshman year for a fall sport. I decided to run cross country. Early on i noticed i started having hip problems, so for most of the season i was out and going to the trainer. I did go to many of the practices though and learned that it's a very physical and mental sport. In the winter every year i play basketball, and have been since 3rd grade. I started competitive in 5th grade, but never played year round.


I have 3 dogs and one bunny. My oldest dog I've had since i was 5 is a golden retriever/ lab named Nick. About 2 years ago i got 2 golden retriever/poodle (or for short golden doodle) puppies, their names are Dakota and Truman. Lastly I have a bunny named Alice who I've had for about 9 years now.


When my friends and I hang out some things we like to do are go to each others houses and just talk, watch netflix, or be with a big group of people, and in the summer go to the pool all the time.


Food- My favorite food would have to be bagels

Drink- My favorite drink is Coca-cola

Animal- My favorite animal is definitely the duck

Color- My favorite color is pink or grey

Season- My favorite season of the year is Spring (because it's not too hot or too cold)

Holiday- My favorite holiday is Christmas

Top 5 random facts about me:

  1. I stay tan all year not just in the summer
  2. I get bored easily
  3. I can spend hours watching netflix
  4. I can bend my thumb all the way backwards
  5. I get goosebumps even when I'm not that cold
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Color Run 2014

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Skydeck in Willis Tower in Chicago

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Dinner with the sisters

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Christmas Eve