typical food from Huelva


We are going to talk of crumbs, a typical food from Huelva, It´s tasty. This is the recipe. we would you like.


- On a kilo of bread
- A piece of Chorizo
- A piece of bacon
- Water
- Virgin olive oil
- A head of garlic
- Salt
-Three potatoes


First, cut the bread,next put the bread in the water for moisten.
Second, cut the potatoes, then put the potatoes in a bowl.
Third, when the potatoes are fried put the moisten bread and every ingredients.
Now crush every ingredients and drop it cool during 30 minutes.
By last fry every ingredients.
It is ready for eat.


This food is very tasty and we inspired for crumbs.
We learned cook crumbs and we was enjoy a lot.

Bibliography (recetas migas)

BY: juan Carlos , Daniel, Victor Manuel and Maria De Los Carmenes