Gang Related


Who is Logic?

Logic is an American rapper from Gaithersberg, Maryland. Logic is half black-half white, and is currently 25 years old. Logic is also the youngest of multiple siblings

"Gang Related"

This song adresses gang issues. Logic was never apart of a gang, but had multiple family members that were gang afiliated (hense the title "Gang Related"). Logic raps from the perspective of himself as a child and also one of his brothers that was a member of a gang. Logic's cause is to adress gang issues and show how big of an issue they were in his life.


"Born and raised in my area
Beautiful by day, by night its hysteria"

- Logic is explaining how his hometown was a nice place in the day time, but at night, gang issues began.

"Living life like this, hope little Bobby never fight like this"

- At this point in the song, Logic is rapping from the perspective of his older brother. "little bobby" refers to Logic's real name; Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. His brother is hoping that Logic doesn't go down the same path as him.

"Got a son on the way
But I cling to the streets even though I want to run away"

- Logic's brother has a son on the way, but he is already apart of this gang lifestye and cannot get out of it.


1) The overall issue that is presented in "Gang Related" is gang issues and Logic has had to deal with them in his past.

2) Gang Related was released in October of 2014

3) Trentgeline agree with the message that the song is sending because we don't like gang issues and neither does Logic. The message is imporant because gang issues are a big issue in todays society.

4) The song didn't really change anythng. Gang Issues are still relevant. Although it is a very good song in our opinion, the song didn't really make a big change to the era.

Logic - Gang Related (Clean Version)