Sydney's Biography

The Dark Files(Classified Secrets of the World)

Sydney's Family

My partner's name is Sydney Evans. She was born and raised in Canada. She has one sister, her name is Emma Evans, she is nine years old. Sydney was born on January 312002, her parent's names are Mr and Mrs Evans. Sydney's parents are kind and caring to all of Sydney's friends or so I've heard

Sydney's Rising

Sydney was born and raised in Canada, She hasn't moved before, Sydney has been to many places like Ohio, Cuba and Australia. Some of the places in the world she would like to visit are Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and Greece.

Sydney's Skills

Sydney has many skills like she is currently getting good grades in Science. The Career she wants to have is the Air Force. The reason why she will be good in the Air Force is that her grandpa was in the Merchant Marines, so she wants to do service related like her grandfather.

Sydney's hobbies

Sydney enjoys many things like drawing pictures, listening to music, and playing sports. When she has time she likes to go to the park with her friends. She dislikes waking up early and doing homework.

Interview Questions

Q1: What is your Favorite animal?

A1: Raccoons

Q2: What is your favorite color?

A2: Red

Q3: What is your favorite book you have ever read?

A3: The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

This will do nothing

Ha Ha Ha You like to sleep in class?