Bobby Casares

Viola's Identity

Viola's is " young woman, and is the plays protagonist. Washed up on the shore of Illyria when her ship is wrecked in the storm. Viola decides to make her own way in the world. She disguises herself to play a young man, calling herself Cesario and becomes a page to Duke Orisno. Who she falls in love with"(the first page).

Viola's Gender

Viola is a girl who cross dresses as a guy for the duke Orsino. Viola ends up falling in love with Orsino. Orsino notices Viola's affection for her and starts to grow some feelings of her own for Viola. Untill Orsino realizes that Viola is a girl and then that relationship is ruined by gender. But why is gender a big problem.

Viola's Perception

Viola’s perception from this play is "chief problem throughout the play is one of identity. Because of her disguise, she must be both herself and Cesario. This mounting identity crisis culminates in the final scene, when Viola finds herself surrounded by people who each have a different idea of who she is and are unaware of who she actually is. Were Twelfth Night not a comedy, this pressure might cause Viola to break down. " (2016 sparknotes LLC)

Comparing myself to Viola

Viola and I don't compare that well although one of the similarities we have is that we are both taken as jokes or seen as jokes. And the fact that she falls in love with a different character really easily and I don't like any of the characters. Other than that we are different.

Violas identity

VIola is a girl who again cross dresses as a guy to go play soccer for a college and to play in a soccer game to play against her ex-collage. At which she falls in love with this character named Duke (Orsino). The relationship is weird between them because sometimes her female side shows when she is dressed as a he.

Viola's gender

Well as I said, she cross dresses as a guy to play soccer. Her mother wants her to be a debutant like her ancestors. So their is a carnival with a fight between the three main characters and viola is in women form in the kissing both being kissed by Duke. Her at the moment boy friend ends up getting mad and plays soccer for the opposite team. So a fight breaks out between them.

Compairing myself to Viola

Viola and I have much in common for instants we both like to play soccer. Although I am bad at it we both share that common, Another common is that we both wish we could play soccer for a school team. That was a problem earlier in the movie but she still had that problem. A difference between us is our drive to do something. For example, in the movie Viola transfers schools to play soccer on a different team, while me for instants writing this "not a paper" wants to have nothing to do with it.

Viola's perception

Viola is seen by other characters in the movie as a cool dude. But to her mother, she is seen as a debutant. She is seen as a dude up until the end of the movie when at the end she reveals that she is a girl and proves it during a soccer game. Then the other team says she can't play as a girl. But they fight it and she ends up scoring the game winning goal.