Final Assesment

By: Kristen Bukunt


The Hunger Games can make many connections to all four unit that we have learned about in Cultural Geography. Unit one was about The geography in different places can effect where people choose to live and why. In the Hunger Games, The people may live in the districts they do because of their skills. For example, Katniss Everdeen is good with her hands, and is a hunter so the district that best suits her is district 12 for mining. Unit 2 was about people migrating and things that may cause cooperation and conflict. When all of the tributes go to the capital that could be migration. Also, some tributes may form allies and then fight against other tributes to win. For example, at the end when Katniss and Peeta work together at the end so that they both win because they don't want to kill each other.

Unit 3 is about over use of natural resources and interactions between belief systems may create conflict. Even though this isn't about a religious belief system it is still something that they follow and think highly of. When the tributes are fighting in the hunger games, they are fought for their district. They think that their district is the best and they want it to look good. Also, when they are in the arena fighting they don't have all of the natural resources need, like food and water. They have to find ways to get it their self and it can be difficult. Unit 4 was about the human rights and how people don't always get them. Also how power can shift from one person or group to another. A good example of this is at the end when it is just Katniss and Peeta left but they don't want to kill each other. They tell the capital that they either will both die or they both win. The capital needs a winner so they say that they will both eat the poison berries or they have to have 2 winners. At this point the capital looses the power and Katniss and Peeta gain it. The whole hunger games is also going against human rights because everybody has the right to live but they are making all of these kids fight to death. Cultural Geography can relate to all parts of the huger games.


I predict that the Hunger games will never be a real thing. I don't think that the whole world would work together to make different districts and kill 23 kids every year. Yes, lots of people go against human rights but I don't think that they would go as far as kill kids to try and be the superior district. Although, there are many connection that can be made between the Hunger Games and the real world. When the tributes go to the capital to represent their district, that is like our war. The countries send their army to fight for their country, like the tributes fought for their district. Also, some places in the world are know for different things. Like some southern places may be known for having a lot of oil. The 12 districts are know for different things also, like district 12 is mining.


There can be few similarities between my life and the Hunger Games. When all of the kids got together to see who would be chosen as tribute, that reminded me of when Mrs.Noe chooses who will answer the question. She has index cards with our names on them and she picks one at random to answer the question. When Effie was pulling the names at random to be a tribute I can relate to that. Also, this could relate to every but when you get randomly get chosen for jury duty that could be like the Hunger gams because you are being chosen to do something, also you have to be a certain age.