Chromebook Distribution

Army Trail School

Our new Chromebooks have arrived!

Army Trail Families,

Addison School District 4 has made a significant investment to replace the aging Chromebooks that served us well during the pandemic. These new Chromebooks will help us better meet the needs of our students as we emerge from the pandemic. All Army Trail Students in 1st to 5th grade will receive a replacement Chromebook following the timeline below.

  • October 18, students will receive a new Student Technology Guidelines and Fee Noticed (dated 10/2021) to take home. This letter must be signed and returned by October 22. The letter can also be found attached below.
  • October 25 - 29, All Chromebooks and accessories will be collected. Students will not be allowed to keep their old Chromebook. Students that have turned in their Chromebook, accessories, and signed letter will receive a new Chromebook. Students that do not turn in their Chromebook, accessories, or signed letter will not receive a new Chromebook. It is the family's responsibility to ensure that their student(s) have everything required and turned in. Families will be responsible for any lost, unreturned, or damaged items.

***If a student is missing the technology agreement, a Chromebook, case, or a charger, the student will not receive any new materials until all items are returned.***

Damages to Computers

Please take a moment to carefully review the following information about Chromebook care and responsibilities for equipment damage. Please note headphones will no longer be issued to students by the school district.

A required, non-waivable, annual $40 Technology Device Fee will be charged for all students. The fee is applied toward insuring the Chromebook. Families will be assessed fees for damage based on occurrence. Schedule of Charges for Damages:

  • 1st Occurrence - $50
  • 2nd Occurrence - $100
  • 3rd Occurrence - $150
  • 4th and any additional occurrences - $200

Examples of damage include but are not limited to broken keys, removed parts/pieces, cracked screens, broken cameras, permanent markings tagged on the device.

Costs for items that are lost or not returned to school:

  • Cases - $30
  • Chargers - $50
  • Strap - $15
  • Lost device - $350

Chromebook Care Video

Students have watched the Chromebook Care Video with their teacher. This course is developmentally appropriate and teaches students explicit behaviors that will help them keep their device safe. Click the QR code below to view.

Chromebook Reminders

  • Students will be issued a case to carry the device to, from, and around school. Students are required to use this case to keep their device safe and should not substitute any other cases.
  • Students are expected to bring their Chromebook home each night to charge it and return with it to the school the next day. Charging cords should be left at home and returned at the end of the school year.
  • Students and families must adhere to all rules and regulations outlined in the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. The Chromebooks will be monitored and filtered both in and out of school at all times.

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