Theodore Roosevelt School

December 2018

Third Grade Highlights

This month in third grade Social Studies class, students have been busy learning about Election Day, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. In addition, they have been working on their Native American projects that are coming out great! They have been very enthusiastic to apply what they learn about Native Americans to their projects. In Reading, students are continuing to study all different types of fiction texts. These include fables, folktales, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fairy tales and many more! Students are currently thinking about characters and how the characters contribute to the stories. We will continue to study characters as we move through our fiction unit!

Fourth Grade Highlights

For our Lenni Lenape unit, fourth graders researched and used the Native American alphabet and symbols to write three secret messages for their tribe. In this unit, students learned that the Lenni Lenape lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In addition, they learned the Lenni Lenape used what is known as the Unami Language. Furthermore, they learned that Lenni Lenape means “men of men” or “original people. The students worked together to create their messages and did a great job!

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Fifth Grade Highlights

The fifth graders in Miss Garcia’s reading classes have been using SeeSaw on their chromebooks. The SeeSaw website is a student-driven digital portfolio. One of the popular tools that students have been using is the video option. Students have been finding a quiet space to sit and record their voices as they read out loud to themselves! They also have been giving other students positive feedback on their posts!

Sixth Grade Highlights

Sixth grade is busy learning new things in Mrs. Oldewurtel’s math class. We are finishing Topic 2 where we learned many new vocabulary words including integers, opposite, and absolute value as we compared and ordered positive and negative integers as well as rational numbers. We also extended our knowledge about the coordinate plane graphing using all four quadrants and finding the distance between two points that are horizontal or vertical. Students had to reflect points across the x axis or the y axis and discover what happens in the ordered pair. They love playing Kahoot to review for our Topic 2 test. Topic 3 will bring us into algebraic expressions and equations. They will start with exponents and Order of Operations (PEMDAS) then move into Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples getting us ready to factor algebraic expressions and equations.

Updates from the Music Department

The TRS 5th & 6th grade Chorus & Bell Choir are rehearsing for the TRS Winter Concert coming up on December 19th. Meanwhile, the Chorus will also be performing in Weehawken on Sunday, December 2nd at 7pm at the Town Hall Christmas Tree Lighting. Songs include traditional carols like O Come All Ye Faithful and Here We Come A-Wassailing and Christmastime Is Here from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." The ensembles are very excited to perform for their friends and family at town hall and for their classmates at TRS! We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

Important Upcoming Dates

December 4: Ambassador of Kindness Assembly for students

December 5: Trimester 1 ends

December 14: Nutcracker Assembly for students

December 19: Holiday Concert

December 21: Half Day/Last day before winter break

December 21: Report Card Day

School will be closed for Winter Break as of 12/22 and will reopen on 1/2/19.