Space Stations

Brandon W.

The First idea

The first idea of even having an International Space Station (ISS) came up in 1869. The first blueprint for the ISS came up in 1928 by an Austrian Army Cpt. Von Brian made documents to promote space travel to more people and make it more popular. Over 100 years later they first started building it in the late 20th century.
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Life on the ISS

The ISS has 15,000 cubic feet of living space. That's a little bigger than your average three bedroom house. For sleeping someone has to go into a little closet and get timed down so they don't fly around and bump into things. Each cabin is big enough for one person each. For taking a shower it is a little different than on Earth, they use a shampoo that is rinse less shampoo. Exercise is VERY important in space if you don't you will lose muscle and bone tissue. On average an astronaut exercises about 2 hours a day! When they have free time they can do many things like doing new experiments, looking out windows to see the Earth, or watching the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
7 Mind-Blowing Facts About The International Space Station


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