By Colton Bishop

how earthquakes happen

  • there are tectonic plates that shift and causes earthquakes
  • the most a tectonic plate can move a year is 6 inches
  • tectonic plates shift in , up, down, or out to cause earthquakes

Where earthquakes occur

  • earthquakes usually earthquakes occur in California because there is a huge fault line right all through California
  • earthquakes occur where there are fault lines like in California (look at the map below
  • these natural disasters can occur on different planets

earthquake pictures

earthquake damage

  • scientists use a tool called the Richter scale that tells the level of the earthquake like 1- 2 people don't realize 3-4 people feel a rumble 5- furniture moves 6- buildings crack 7- buildings collapse 8-total damage
  • some quakes cause boats to flip over
  • most earthquakes aren't even noticeable to about the half a million quakes that happen each day