GMOs and their benefits!

Why you should invest in their greatness

What are the benefits?

GMOs are great because they will have a longer shelf life than normal crops, they are better for us, and they are safer to eat. When farmers grow GMOs, they usually use less pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This is much safer for us to eat because we aren't consuming as many unhealthy or risky chemicals. Another benefit GMOs will bring is the lowered cost. Whenever they are genetically engineered, they resist pests so crops aren't loss. Therefore, the growers aren't having to pay for new crops and can just bring them to the market without making any additional, unnecessary payments. The fact that they are genetically modified also prevents the loss of crops when there are sudden frosts.

Not only is the production of GMOs beneficial towards the grower, but also towards the environment. Without GMOs, the growers are constantly spraying the harsh chemicals that stimulate growth or attempt to prevent pests (more than 970 million tons are sprayed every year). However, GMOs do not need these. This is very beneficial for the environment because runoff isn't going into streams or making it into the stomachs of unsuspecting animals.

You may be thinking, 'why would I promote something that isn't natural', but oh are you wrong! Geneticists say that GMOs "couldn't be more natural". Without human influence, plants and animals genetically modify themselves constantly.

If you haven't noticed, our population is growing quite rapidly. The only hope to adequately feed everyone is to use GMOs. The farming of GMOs has a better chance to boost production of crops. This is because they are able to grow where regular crops are not able (i.e. salt-laden land).

Finally, GMOs are thoroughly tested every time to make sure there are no health effects. They are compared with conventionally bred plants every time to make sure there is nothing wrong or insanely modified about the chemical makeup and nutritional value.

GMOs show no reason for concern! What are you waiting for?!