Child Beauty Pageants

By: Olivia, Maddie and Lindsay

There are many issues in Virginia, however, we believe that one main topic that needs to be addressed is how child beauty pageants affect the future of many young adolescents.

Why are there beauty pageants?

Pageants used to offer scholarships and help children get accepted into beneficial programs. However, nowadays, the contestants no longer receive benefits of any sort for the future other than the prizes that the winners receive.

What does the winner recieve?

Most pageants offer the grand supreme winner one thousand dollars in cash, ten-inch crystal crown, six-foot trophy, supreme entry paid in full to nationals, tote bag, satin rhinestone banner, teddy bear, bouquet of long stem red roses, gifts, video of the pageant, and photo on advertisement of beauty pageant.

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What do you have to do to win?

Most child beauty pageants have themes such as:

* modeling for talent

* dance

* night-time wear

* bathing suit wear

* glitz

* natural makeup

* sports

The children are often judged based off of their:

* individuality

* perfection

* confidence

Why are pageants an issue?

The idea that children need to change themselves to become a winner is negative and shows that it is okay to be someone you are not. This shows the other kids that are competing, that they don’t have enough to win. There are not themes relating to morals or good manners. These children strut around in skimpy outfits and do not earn beneficial information about how to behave.

Children who are involved in pageants should be performing because they love being on stage and have a goal to reach. Many young pageants contestants have a dream to become the next Miss America. However, all of the extra makeup and fake Barbie doll appearing additions are not necessary. The picture shown to the left is a real Miss America winner from a couple of years ago. She looks like a person, not a plastic figurine!

Achievement by Proxy Distortion

Recently, a condition called “Achievement by Proxy Distortion”, also known as ABPD, has been discovered in Virginia which can later develop into a "pathogenic" version of this condition. This is when the social or financial winnings and achievements of the child from the beauty pageants become their parents’ main goal in life. The mothers who suffer from this attempt to recreate their childhood fantasy for their daughters whether it is what they want or not.
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The photo above shows a mother injecting her 8 year old daughter with botox!

Why else are pageants harmful?

Because of overbearing parents, young girls are being forced into underage sexual content. The children’s minds are not fully developed and these premature images and beliefs being enforced by their parents begin to give these “pageant queens” the wrong set of ideas.

The children in these photo were told to dress up as someone who they may not even know. Most children would love to play dress up because they would be changing the way they look, to look like someone who they idolize. The idea of pageants started as a way for adolescents to let out their inner child and have an elaborate form of dress up; not a way for adolescents to let in an inner adult and have a competition to see who could look the most mature.

How do we fix it?

Step 1: Transformation

First, we believe that the children should not have beauty pageants that require so much makeup. All glitz pageants should be converted in to natural pageants. This will help the children to accept they are perfect the way they are and everyone is made differently for a reason. They will learn that, to win something, you do not have to change the way you look, walk, or dress.

Step 2: Themes

Second, we think that one of the main reasons that pageants these days are causing little kids to change so dramatically into something they are not is because if the themes that the pageant directors assign the outfits based on. The topics such as swim wear should not be allowed because it is showing too much skin. Also, a theme like evening wear should be prohibited as well because the children do not have "evening nights out" and cannot relate to this topic. Instead, the themes should be favorite Disney character or TV show star.

Step 3: Prizes

Lastly, we believe that the prizes that are given out are much too large and cost too much money. The trophies and ribbons that the children receive should be much smaller and less expensive because the children should learn that the experience and the amount of fun they had was it was worth.