Springstroh Times

December 4, 2015

The 4th Grade Giving Tree

Every year each grade level chooses to donate items to people in need. This year 4th grade has chosen to support the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry. Outside our classroom a "Giving Tree" with ornaments has been set up. Each ornament has a specific item that the Fort Pantry needs. Please consider encouraging your child to take an ornament off the tree to donate to people in need this holiday season. The final day to donate items to the Food Pantry will be Tuesday December 22nd.
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Everyday Math

Our students will be taking their Unit 4 Math Test on Wednesday December 9th. This test will be assessing the following skills:

  • Decimal Place Value up to the Thousandths Place
  • Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
  • Ordering Decimals
  • Plotting Decimals on a Number Line
  • Solving Number Sentences with Variables
  • Measuring to the Nearest Millimeter

Your child's review will be coming home with them on Monday.

Science & Social Studies


Students have been working on creating an iMovie displaying crayfish structures and their uses. See the pictures below of the students creating their iMovies with their science groups.

Social Studies

The United States Physical Map test is scheduled for Friday December 11th. Their practice map will be coming home with them on Wednesday, December 9th.

Each map test grade will appear on the quarter 2 report card.

Important Days to Remember

December 9th - Unit 4 Math Test

December 11th - U.S. Physical Map Test

December 23rd - January 3rd - Winter Break