Julieta Rueda De Leon Ortiz

Student; Future Physical Therapist

Career Bio

Julieta Rueda De Leon Ortiz had a variety of careers to choose from, when she was little she decided she wanted to be a helping nurse for the early. She chose that career because she loved helping her grandmother when she was little. After years passed Julieta started to watch many criminal TV shows, that is why she changed her career to become a forensic scientist. But, her parents thought that it was not a good career for me to work with bodies of dead people. At the end Julieta decided she wanted to become a physical therapist, because she always had compassion for those who couldn't walk or move very well. That is how finally she knew that she wanted to help those in need.
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About -

DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree

Physical Therapist- 6 - 7 years in school

Assistant - 2 years