The IQ of Charlie Gordon

The Character Traits of Charlie Gordon

Before The Operation:

Before the operation Charlie Gordon was an normal person or so you thought. Charlie Gordon was a slow reader and he has to take a reading class so he could read faster. But he has an IQ of 68 and he wants to be smarter. Charlie also works at a plastic box factory his friends would be jerks to him and always would make fun of him and just laugh get him drunk charlie would think that were laugh with him but he was wrong. charlie was a very determined person that won day that he was so excited that he jumped out of the chair. Charlie is not the brights of the bunch he has to take reading class for slow readers.

After the operation

After the operation Charlie gordon had learned how to read and wright faster. learned new languages got a new imagination his IQ went up and he could learn new words in about a 60s. After the operation Charlie became more aware of his surroundings and now Everyone was looking at me and laughing and I felt naked. I wanted to hide myself. I ran out into the street and I threw up. (Keyes 43) That charlie had realized that everyone was looking and laughing at him and that he ran out to threw up in the street

I don't understand way I never noticed how beautiful miss Kinnian is. She has brown eyes and feathery brown hair that comes down to the top of her neck that he now fell in love with kinnian and now has fellings for her

Charlie has become a dynamic charter

So after the operation the charlie can now see that his friends are jerks he left his friends and know quit his job and is try to make other people like to be as smart as him. But after all that charlie is know has become harsh to people and is know losing his memory and has left the town not saying good bye but he left a later to all the people that he cares about and did not want to hurt them