Be a GarageBand Rock Star

Chris Miller - LSTIA 2014

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Session Description - Accurate or just plain bull!?!

So you want to be a Rock n' Roll Star? Learn to unleash your creative potential with Garageband for iOS in this exciting, hands-on session. Come learn the fundamentals of this cool app to increase learning and student engagement. In Rock Star Teaching, everyone can be a superstar! Participants need to bring iPad 2 or later w/ Garageband installed.

Radio WillowWeb - Podcast Examples for Students, by Students

Radio WillowWeb returns with its first ever all-kindergarten podcast! Five of our kindergarteners share what they think is important for others to know about President's Day. They have read books, looked at websites, and even decided to add some humor to their podcast! Join Coleton, your host as you learn what is important to them about George and Abe.

    Movie or Book Review

    You will create an audio Podcast reviewing a movie or a book that addresses the following:

    1. What is your favorite movie or book?
    2. Without giving away any spoilers, summarize the plot.
    3. What was your favorite part?
    4. Which character did you most connect with and why?
    5. Would you recommend sharing this with others and why?

    Please add the following:

    • sound effects like clapping, cheering, etc
    • some music at a lower volume than the vocal track

    Consider exporting to iTunes or YouTube and share the link on our Padlet.

    Book/Movie Review Examples

    Big image
    Big image

    Resources to Help When U Forget What We Did