Reconstruction Blueprint

Jensen, Mrityunjay, Kyla, Leah, Alyson

Secretary of Defense and Attorney General

Problems that We Face

  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Slavery- Black Codes
  • Loyalty of the South
  • Government of the South
  • Civil Rights
  • Racism and Segregation

Terrorist Organizations

  1. Remove the power of the higher-ups
  2. Send in spies
  3. Put south under military control
  4. LAW OF MAY, 1865: any person seen harassing ANY other person can be detained, jailed, or hanged (publicly, or privately)

Slavery- Black Codes

We will set up an organization called the Freedmen's Bureau:

  1. Provide food and healthcare
  2. Clothing
  3. Supplies
  4. Jobs

Loyalty of the South

Government of the South

  1. Write new state constitution.
  2. Set up a PERMANENT government.

Civil Rights

Racism and Segregation

MULTICULTURAL ACT: any person caught trying to segregate or show superiority over ANY OTHER RACE will be either jailed or hung (publicly).

Criteria's for the South

  • Get rid of slavery

  • Follow the rules

  • Fix up all of the farms etc.

  • Give every person equal rights



Secretary Of Labor and Secretary of Agriculture

  1. We will replace slavery with Harvest Renting.
  2. We will set up farms that will grow potatoes, tomatoes, etc.
  3. We will also help in raising livestocks.
  4. We will get the money for the farms from the taxpayers.
  5. We will get the supplies from the north.
  6. The military are going to protect the farms until rebuilt.

Secretary of Housing and Development

  1. The houses will be at least 700 square feet.
  2. Starting price will be $800.
  3. You MUST have a job if you want to own a house
  4. The races will each have houses next to each other.
  5. All families must live together/no less than 1 freedmen living in a house.
  6. etc.
Racism: The black people could be able to get jobs with the white people so they are able to work together