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I am always amazed at the results people have with Apriori Beauty. From the 5-step skin care program and micro scrub to the 20x Acid Peel and Derma Firm Illuminator, you tell me how much you use and love these all pure and natural products. And ViViD Hair Therapy is amazing! No sulfates so it’s great for all hair! But this testimonial from one of our directors is the best ever. Susan is such a wonderful, caring woman, it’s nice to see something beautiful come out of a terrible situation.

“My Before picture is 2 weeks after my open heart surgery last November (2012). The After is from this morning (7/11/13). I am amazed at how much healing has happened. These photos are not ‘photo-shopped.’ They were taken with my cell phone, and of course no concealer was applied. I have been religious with applying and treating my scar (after scabbing lifted) as I do my face with the Apriori Beauty products. I used all of the Celloxylin skincare steps, plus Micro Scrub and Acid Peel, and of course, the DFI (Derma Firm Illuminator) Treatment System on it. Notice in the Before how the surgery left wrinkles near the scarring. That bothered me more than the scar. That cleared up as well! At 67-years old, I know that this scar would not have faded naturally and so drastically without the Apriori Beauty products/treatment. Thank you for the miracle of Apriori Beauty!” — Susan Robustelli Shaheen

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