Greenfield Elementary School

November Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

November is here! I actually saw a snowflake today! As is typical, November brings with it colder temperatures and shorter days. It is important that children come to school dressed in layers. Our building temperature is set at 68 degrees. On some days classrooms can feel chilly. Consider sending your child with a long sleeve sweater or sweatshirt that they can wear throughout the day. They should also be prepared for outdoor play.

Our students continue to do great work at school. There is a lot of hard work and academic growth to be proud of. Most families have had an opportunity to participate in Parent/Teacher Conferences. You have or will shortly participate in planning out your child's Personalized Learning Plan. Your child's teacher has identified areas of strength and areas where focus should be given. At school you can count on your child's teacher working toward specified curriculum goals. Your child is working toward making steady academic growth. One of the goals of the parent/teacher conference is to provide parents some targeted actions that can be worked on at home. As the adage says- "It takes a village to raise a child", we are hopeful that our new structure has provided you with some specific ideas to help your child continue to grow socially and as a learner.

Our HSA continues to be a valuable part of our school community. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who volunteer throughout the school day and in the evenings. It is our entire school community who make Greenfield School a great place to be.

A November calendar can be found here.

Fall Photos

Curriculum Corner


Mathematics Roadmaps: For information Common Core Learning Standards at each grade level.

At Greenfield School we commit to at least 60 minutes of mathematics instruction daily in Kindergarten through grade 2 and 90 minutes of mathematics instruction in grades 3-5. On most days even more time is dedicated to mathematics. The classroom teachers provide the core instruction to students. During our Extended Learning Time (ELT), classroom teachers and/or math coach provide additional instruction in this area. It is our goal to provide students with targeted instruction.

We have a great program for students in grades 2-5 that will help build fact fluency. It is called Reflex Math. Your child has an account that can be accessed at home too! Click this link to start practicing (and having fun!). Your child should know their username and password. In the event they forgot- just send a note to your child's teacher.

Our results on the 2014-2015 NYS Assessments can be found here.

More detailed information about our programming can be found here.

Special Area Teachers

Check out news from our Special Area Teachers.

See who participated in our math challenges.

Parent Corner

Parent Resources

Our Home School Connection for November provides families ideas to discuss family rules and there are some "fall math" activities too!

Very much like adults, children experience stress too. Some students even experience stress with school. Even though we work to create a positive environment, some children still find school stressful. This article has some great tips for families.