Why you should vote for...

Mama Marshall will take care of YOU!


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John Marshall was the master of justice!

John Marshall was literally a chief of justice, AKA a Chief Justice! He decided all the important, government cases that dictated how we changed our constitution, from Ogden to Marbury. He KNOWS what he's talking about, unlike Andrew Jackson; who liked kicking innocents out of their homeland!
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Look at that friendly face...

John Marshall also was the defender of the Constitution!

Something violated the Constitution? Something contradicted the Constitution? Oh no! We have John Marshall to the rescue! John Marshall served for THIRTY DECADES, and he's got a lot of experience at his back. He made sure there was justice in America; so if you vote for him, there will be justice to the supreme!

Let's look at a BAD example of justice...

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Now, now...

Don't get me wrong. Andrew Jackson really had good intentions...buuuut not good actions. When the court said the Natives should stay in their homeland, Andrew Jackson didn't listen. He got his guns and forced them out. That means Andrew Jackson disobeyed justice! He had good intentions, but the guy didn't know how to dish the out.

VOTE FOR JOHN MARSHALL! Don't let injustice win!!!