Week At A Glance

September 27-October 2, 2015

RtI Team Call-Out

We are looking for teachers interested in being a part of our RtI Team this year. Meetings will be after school and may be for either 5th or 6th grade. As a part of this problem-solving team, you would assist in brainstorm intervention/strategy ideas for struggling students with needs which may be behavioral and/or academic.

Please email both Jaime Bradley and Jessica Sullivan if interested! Thanks a million!

Teacher Chat Follow-Up

There was great conversation this week will all whom we were able to meet with...Thank you for that!! For those we still need to meet with, stop by to schedule a time next week with Randy & Kim.

The following are items that were discussed that are good follow-up items for everyone:

  • Skyward Discipline Referral
  1. Indicate Kim as Disciplinary Officer
  2. Include facts not opinions
  3. Include other students' initials not names

  • Assessments
  1. Use formative assessments to determine readiness for summative. If not ready, postpone summative assessment.
  2. If students are reassessed, they must first receive teacher small group/individual remediation. (IOW, students should not be reassessed after just individually practicing/studying or proofs of practice)
  3. If students are reassessed, the score they earn on the reassessment (entire assessment or section) will receive the full. (e.g., If a student first receives a 62% on an assessment, then is reassessed receiving an 87%, the student will receive the full score earned of an 87% on that section or entire assessment. There will be no cap on % a student may earn on the reassessment.)

  • Standards for Success
  1. Uploading of NWEA reports and completion of CLOs (including uploading of BOY data) must be completed by 10/1.

  • RtI
  1. Tier 2 & 3 students must be met with 20-30 minutes per day. That does NOT include progress monitoring. (e.g., Front Row)
  2. Front Row progress monitoring should be 10 minutes per day outside of the 20-minute instruction period. Teachers must review Front Row reports and use the information formatively to monitor student need.
  3. Special Education students do not receive RtI services. While teachers may work with resource students during RtI service time with RtI students as appropriate, teachers are not required to do so.

  • Miscellaneous
  1. Invite Resource teachers to mid-monthly team meetings.
  2. Related Arts Teachers have been given access to team behavior logs to refer to.

Achieve 3000 Items

  • Professional Development on 10/2
  • According to the HSE tech team and Achieve 3000 reps, everyone should be using the app for best results. Please do so next week to let us know if outsanding issues exist.
  • Please submit all feedback on the app and questions to ask Achieve 3000 reps via the following link by TUESDAY, 9/29: https://goo.gl/H2Xgeu
  • Information will be shared next week regarding specifics on number of lessons and content area required to utilize resource

AME Log-in


Teaching and Learning in HSE

Loris Malaguzzi pioneered the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, and he is the inspiration for this week’s blog. At the center of the Reggio approach is the child and the image of the child. What we believe about children, says Malaguzzi, dictates how we interact with the child.

“Each one of you has inside yourself an image of the child that directs you as you begin to relate to a child. This theory within you pushes you to behave in certain ways; it orients you as you talk to the child, listen to the child, observe the child. It is very difficult for you to act contrary to this internal image.”

The essential question we asked ourselves this week: What do we believe about children?

The challenge for our contributors was to describe one of these beliefs—one image of the child—and to explore the implications for us as educators.

Click here to read: The Image of the Child Part I

This week, we hear from Lisa Lederach, the principal of CRES about Mercy, hedgehogs, and Dr. Seuss. And we hear from Stephanie Loane and Meg Strnat about supporting students without rescuing them.


Your HSE Teaching and Learning Team (and Guests)

Team Meeting Prep 10/8-9

To prepare for our October 9th team meetings, please view and thoughtfully consider the Rick Wormeli video below at some point before then regarding mastery and ponder the following:

Food for Thought
  • What does mastery mean to you?
  • What will you tolerate as evidence?
  • What are grades about for you? for your students?
  • Are you evidence bound or bartering?
  • Are grades in your classroom about compensation/validation/affirmation or communication? What is the difference?
Rick Wormeli: Defining Mastery

Teaching and Learning in HSE

If you haven't had time to check out past Teaching and Learning in HSE blog, take a few moments to read and ponder some of the intriguing thoughts about inquiry, PBL, grit, etc. Check it out...good stuff!! http://teachinglearninghse.blogspot.com/

******* Food for Thought.... *******

Tips to Build Relationships with Students in the First 5 Minutes:

What's Happenin' at the Creek!

Monday, September 28th, 2015 Rot.I-5

2:50-4:00pm - 6th Grade Cross Country

2:50-5:45pm - Engineering For Kids @ Lab

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 Rot. F-1

6:45am - Spell Bowl

3:00-4:00pm - Choir

2:45-3:45pm - Sphero Club

2:45-3:50pm - Disc Golf

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 Rot. F-2

2:55-3:40pm - FLIP Spanish Program

5:00-6:00pm - Cross Country Meet @ RSI

6:00-7:30pm - ENL Family Night - @ FHS in the Cafeteria (K-12)

*Kim @ Safety School Conference

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 Rot. F-3

2:45-3:45pm - Sphero Club

2:45-3:50pm - Disc Golf

*Kim @ Safety School Conference

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 Rot. F-4

Retake/Missing Picture Day

1/2 Day for Students - Dismissal @ 11:05am
11:05-11:45 - Staff Lunch -salad bar with all the fixings. Meats, cheeses and tons of veggies, breads, desserts, drinks.
11:45-2:45 - Professional Development
  • Humanities/Math-Science Teachers - Achieve 3000 - 6th grade Computer Lab
  • Related Arts - Media Center - Formative and Summative assessments (work with other staff from intermediates who are able???) ~Update to come early this week.
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