Panther Newsletter

8th Grade

Fall Festival - We need your Help!!!!

Thank you to the parents who have donated money for pizza and items for our baskets.

  • We still need more donations for pizza (last year we spent about $170 on pizza).
  • We need kids to continue to bring in canned drinks.
  • We need LOTS of items for our baskets. We get 100% of the proceeds and this is where we can make the most money for our kids.
  • Thanks to Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Cavender, Mrs. Hutchison, Mrs. Early, and the Storments for volunteering to work in our booth. I still need workers from 6-7 pm and one from 4-5 pm, and one from 5-6. If you are willing, please email Mrs. Brown and let me know what times you are available to help in our booth.

The baskets are looking better! Thanks to everyone who is bringing items! I attached pictures of what we have going so that you can get an idea of what to purchase if you have not been shopping yet. The Sports/Outdoors basket only has 2 movie tickets and a basketball and chilly togger so far.

(by Science class)

1st Period -Chef's Basket

2nd Period – Sports/Outdoors Basket

3rd Period – Sports/Outdoors Basket

4th Period – Christmas Basket (I painted a few signs that I can donate to this basket)

6th Period – Sports/Outdoors Basket

7th Period – Sports/Outdoors Basket

** by no means do you have to stick to this schedule - we are happy to get anything!!

Please send items for the baskets ASAP or by September 30th at the latest so we have time to get them put together. If you will e-mail Mrs. Brown items you are planning to donate, that would greatly decrease her stress level!

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, Oct. 2 - Picture Day
  • Saturday, Oct. 3 - Fall Festival 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the high school - Live country band from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Monday, Oct. 5 - Fair Day - No School
  • Thursday, Oct. 8 - Progress Reports
  • Oct. 13 - Oct. 14 - Quarterly Tests (see schedule below)
  • Wednesday, October 14 - College Day (more information below)
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College Day - Wednesday, October 14

In order to increase college awareness among our students, we are going to have a College Day once a quarter. On Wednesday, October 14, we will celebrate different universities and colleges. During this time, our 8th graders will learn about things they will encounter at the high school (GPA, SAT test, ACT test, graduation endorsements, scholarship opportunities, and much more).

On College Day, the students are welcome to wear college attire, including a college hat. We look forward to this being a fun time and for the students to learn more about the possibilities that lie before them!

Science News:

During the next couple of weeks, we will continue to explore the arrangement of the Periodic Table. This week we will investigate how atoms form ionic and covalent bonds as we participate in a "dating game for atoms". Next, we will interpret chemical formulas and equations. We have a tentative assessment scheduled for Wednesday, October 7th.

Please be sure your child is completing their Study Island assignment. Assignments are posted on Monday and due the following Monday.

Math & Algebra News:

We will finish our surface area unit this week in math, and we have a surface area test scheduled for Friday. In Algebra, we are starting our slope and writing linear equations unit.

All students are able to make test corrections, but students scoring below a 70 must come to a tutoring session to ensure that they will master the material. Test corrections must be turned in within 5 days of getting the test back. The volume test corrections are due by Friday, October 2nd.

Study Island is assigned weekly in math. They are posted on Tuesdays, and due the following Monday.

US History News:

We just finished up our Unit #1 over European Exploration and the beginning of Colonization in the New World. This week we will begin Unit #2: Life in Colonial America! Students will start work on their Colonial Campaigns later this week! This project will have them creating a full marketing plan (both electronic & print media, promotional item(s), & a market analysis) in order to convince new "clients" to move to their colony! More information will be provided about this project each week.

Reminder: the Constitution & Amendment Study Island is due next Wednesday, 10/7.

ELAR News:

Our Hero PBL Unit is going great. We read the novella, "The Old Man and The Sea" in order to see how the protagonist, Santiago, was a hero. Your students created Thinglinks to show how they thought he was heroic.

Currently, we are walking through the writing process. Each step is represented by a tool that can help them put together their papers. As you can see below, the first step was to dissect the prompt. Once the students complete the writing portion, they will move on to the final stage of the unit, the creative stage.

Student Thinglink Example

Character Analysis of Santiago as a Hero with Modern Day Connections.

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