4th Grade Newsletter January 5-8

Mrs. Wiley & Miss Fletcher

Welcome back!

I hope you had the most amazing time over your winter break! I can't wait to hear all of the stories about your wonderful adventures. Thank you so much for coming to the winter parties!

This is going to be a fast and furious week and we will hit the ground running. Thank you for helping out by continuing to reinforce good behavior at home. This time of year can be hard on everyone! It is always hard to get out of bed on cold morning! As we enter into the colder seasons in Texas, try to be mindful of the weather. Students should come to school with clothes that are appropriate for outdoor recess. We will have recess outside unless the windchill is below 36 degrees. Students without jackets will not be allowed to go out to recess when it is cold outside. Consider having gloves and/or scarves for your child to put in their locker and wear to recess!

Thank you again for all that you do!

-Miss Fletcher

Mrs. Wiley's Reading & Language Arts


ØWe will begin our unit on Expository Text. During this unit, we will discuss that this genre is written to inform or describe, it contains facts and details, has various structures (cause/effect, compare/contrast, description, main idea/details, & sequence), and can contain many text features (subheadings, photos w/captions, key words, diagrams, maps, charts, etc.)

Ø**Friday, December 12, Expository End of Unit Reading Assessment**

Writing, Grammar and Spelling

ØThe students will begin planning for our RISD Assessment prompt, “Write about your favorite time of the year”. We will work as a class on each step of the writing process together. This composition is due on January 15.

ØWe will practice writing complex sentences using dependent “signal” clause words. (Hint! If the signal/introduction phrase comes at the beginning, it will need a comma.) Example: If it is raining, I will wear my red rain boots.

ØThe students will continue republishing their writing from this year with an illustration to be put into their 4th grade published book! J

ØWe will spell words with abstract vowels: ou (Hint! This can have around six different sounds! Cough, shoulder, youth, couch, would, bought)

Miss Fletcher Math & Science

This week in math we will be discussing how to relate decimals to fractions. What is the fractional equivalent of tenths and hundredths. Students will have a review homework packet this week. Each night students will have problems form the packet to complete, please check over your child's work as the packet covers concepts that have already been taught. If you child is not understanding a concept, please go over it with them and send back a note on the homework so that I can help! Next week we will begin our unit on fractions. Historically this unit tends to be more difficult, specifically for students who do not have all of their math facts memorized through 12x12. I will begin tutoring next week to try to make sure students do not get to far behind.