Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume III, No. 13

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.


Flexible Seating, Flexible Thinking

During a recent faculty meeting at Yulee High School, Mrs. Beter presented on flexible seating. The students of Mrs. Beter's, Mrs. Arias's, & Mrs. Murray's classes happily shared their thoughts on flexible seating. The students stated why they appreciated flexible seating in their learning environment. In order to keep the authenticity of the students' voices, no boundaries were given or corrections made to their opinions.

Flexible Seating for Yulee Hornets

Learning at Marineland

The Gifted Students of Callahan Intermediate, Callahan Elementary, Wildlight Elementary, Bryceville Elementary, and Hilliard Elementary have been learning about the ocean, marine life, and ocean conservation. At the beginning of this unit, students received a message in a bottle from a family who was shipwrecked. Through this mock simulation, they have researched clues and facts about ocean currents to locate the stranded family. Students have also researched ocean pollution and how plastic trash is destroying marine life. In correlation to the ocean study, gifted students visited Marineland. While at Marineland, students participated in an up-close dolphin encounter, interacted with dolphin trainers, participated in a plastic voyage lesson to remove microplastics from water, a mock stranding of a dolphin rescue, and behind the seas tour. It was a great day of learning for these young students!


Bobcats for the Win!

Bryceville Elementary has a reason to celebrate. Amber Bovinette, Principal, and Natalie Faucher, Reading Coach, represented Bryceville Elementary at the ECTAC conference in Orlando. Their school was recognized as an award-winning school for their students' progress on the FSA for the 17-18 school year. They were honored to attend and to present a session on Differentiated Instruction. Congratulations!

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Successful Student Services

The Guidance Department at West Nassau High School is using technology to improve their job duties. They have created two check-in systems, one for parents and students to sign in when they would like to meet with Student Services and the second is for transcript requests.

Parents and students have two ways to check into the Student Services system. Each student has a QR code in their planner that they can scan with their phone or computer, or they may use the computer at the Guidance desk. The QR code and computer are linked to a Google Form that collects the necessary information. The Guidance Counselors are notified via email about the requests. The Google Form will collect all the data in a shared Google Sheets between the Guidance Counselors. They have had a positive response to the new system for Student Services.

Ornaments For All

Mrs. Janel Avila, Fernandina Beach High School, helped her students enjoy an experience with Paisley Grace Designs. Each student painted an ornament from Paisley Grace Designs. The students had a great time and loved the results of their work!


Seeing Spots

The Drama Club, under the direction of Mrs. Stanton, Ms. Wells, & Mrs. Fowler, put on a theatrical performance of 101 Dalmatians for the students and parents of Wildlight Elementary. The hardworking teachers and students practiced for weeks leading up to the show. They perfected their costume and set design to help audience members become immersed in the story. There was even a cameo by Principal Scott Hodges & Vice-Principal Sarah Ray! The students did an amazing job and put on a great performance!

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Back Yard Buddies

Callahan Elementary's Mentor, Andrew Powell, was a guest reader for their Back Yard Buddies Reading Event. Each nine weeks students are invited to come with their families to listen to a guest reader and enjoy refreshments. This is a fun time for students to read with a family member and take an AR test.

Running for Pledges

Hilliard Elementary's Fun Run was a huge success! Inclement weather forced their Fun Run indoors but that did not compromise the fun they had. Students collected pledges for the laps they walked, skipped, hopped, and danced around our indoor track. HES thanks all of their parents, grandparents, and friends who supported their Fun Run.

Holiday Treats for Pirates

Emma Love Hardee Elementary's Teachers and Students had a variety of holiday fun, including thematic days, treats from administration delivered to staff, and Elvis came and sang at their Holiday Sing-Along.

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VFW Covers Lunch

Hilliard Elementary School is thankful for the members of the local VFW. They came and presented a check to Principal Lee Ann Jackson to cover outstanding student lunch debts. Thank you!

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