Granger School Weekly Newsletter

December 10-14, 2018

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

Dec. 11-12 Academic UIL Meets fro grades 2-8th

Dec. 12 Granger hosts UIL - Hospitality room volunteers needed!

Dec. 12 EARLY RELEASE 1:00 pm

Dec. 13 Band Program 6:30

Dec. 19 Angel Tree gifts due

Dec. 19 School Board Meeting 6:30 pm

Dec. 19 Christmas Program 2:00

Dec. 21 Early Release 1:00 pm

Dec. 22 Purple Santa Delivery 6:00 pm

Friday, Dec. 21 Elementary Christmas Party

Dec. 22-Jan. 7 Winter Break - No school

Planning Ahead

Jan. 28 PTO Meeting 6:00 pm Cafeteria

Thurs. Feb. 14 Elementary Valentine's Day Party

Granger Band Region Results

In total this year we have had 11 band students earn spots in the ATSSB region band.

Junior High

Brady Tower, Concert Band, Clarinet

Makena Davis, Concert Band, Bass Clarinet

Kerstyn Myers, Concert Band, Trombone

Jordan Rhoades, Concert Band, Tuba

High School

Lee Ryder, Symphonic Band, Tuba > Advances to Area

William Jones, Concert Band, Bass Clarinet

Jake Kaminkow, Concert Band, Euphonium > Advances to Area

Tyler Tatro, Concert Band, Euphonium > Advances to Area

Caleb Filla, Concert Band, Tuba

Please congratulate these individuals on the fine job they did representing Granger!

Submitted by: Harvey Davidson

Interactions with Police Officers

On Tuesday and Thursday there will be a presentation for high school students, which is now required before graduation. The curriculum being used includes Flashing Lights: Creating Safe Interactions Between Citizens and Law Enforcement , a product of the Texas Community Safety Education Act (Senate Bill 30) passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. The goal of the act is to define the behavior and expectations of citizens and law enforcement during traffic interactions.

Below you will see a truncated list of topics covered, highlighting important details.

What to do when stopped by an officer:

*Slow down immediately, pull over to the right side of road as soon as possible

*If visibility is limited, turn on hazard lights and/or interior dome lights

*For safety, be aware an office may approach on the passenger side of vehicle

What to do once stopped:

*Put in park, turn on emergency brake, turn off engine

*Keep both hands visible on steering wheel, passenger hands in plain sight.

* Lower your window. (It's the law!)

*Before getting insurance and license, tell the officer of its location and you are going to get them.

***Follow the officer's instructions. Certain movements can be interpreted as a threat to officer's safety or possible criminal activity. ***Follow the officer's instructions.***

*Remain in vehicle unless instructed by officer to exit, then check traffic and safely exit.

* Tell officer if a firearm is in your vehicle.* Store all required documents in a different spot form the firearm. *Tell officer if a firearm is in your vehicle.

You should NOT do the following:

*Reach or search for license/insurance before or while office APPROACHES the vehicle.

'Attempt to leave until officer as indicates stop is complete.

*IF YOU ARE NOT SURE it is a police office stopping you, drive slow and careful to a well-lighted area, populated area. Call 9-1-1 and remain on line until officer's identity is verified.

***NOTE: You can be arrested for not stopping when vehicle performing stop is marked law enforcement OR emergency response vehicle.

Other notes to know:

* You can remain silent during traffic stop, but is required by law to truthfully identify yourself when asked by officer.

*Officer may conduct a search without consent if belief of a criminal act, or about to engage in a criminal act, is suspected.

*Pat-down search is allowed if suspected a weapon is on your person.

*Passenger can ask if he/she is being detained and has the right to leave if not.


Testing Schedules

RTI Progress Monitoring Calendar

Dec. 3-7 Math

Dec. 10-14 OFF/Make-up

Dec. 17-21 OFF

*Jan. 8-11 Reading MOY

*Jan. 14-18 Math MOY

Jan. 22-25 OFF

Jan. 28-Feb. 1 Reading

Feb. 4-8 Math

Feb. 11-15 OFF/Make-Up

Feb. 19-22 Reading

Feb. 25-March 1 Math

March 4-8 OFF/Make-Up

March 11-15 OFF (Spring Break)

March 18-22 Reading

March 25-29 Math

April 1-5 OFF

*April 8-12 Reading EOY

*April 15-18 Math EOY

April 23-26 OFF

April 29-May 3 Reading

May 6-10 Math

May 13-17 OFF/Make-Up

May 20-24 OFF

Granger Lion Basketball

Dec. 11@ Bartlett 5:00 JV1, Varsity

Dec. 15 HEB Center CTCS TBA JV1, Varsity

Dec. 18 @ Milano 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Dec. 21 Home vs Hearne 4:00 JV1, JV2, Varsity

Dec. 27-28 @ Rosebud Tourney TBA Varsity

Jan. 4 @ Thorndale 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Jan. 8 @ Home vs Thrall 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Jan. 11 @ Holland 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Jan. 15 @ Home vs Meridian Round Rock JV1, Varsity

Jan. 18 @ Mumford 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varstiy

Jan. 22 @ Granger vs Milano 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Jan.25 Hearne 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

Jan.29 @ Home vs Thorndale 4:00 JV2, JV1, Varsity

*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

Friendly Reminder

***All students in grades 7-12 have the 2018-19 $35 laptop insurance due please.***