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Newsletter - Friday, 8 April 2022

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Our annual athletics carnival held this week was a wonderful way to cap off a challenging but rewarding Term 1. The colourful dress ups, house rivalry amongst the staff and students, the warm weather and beautiful blue sky, created the perfect backdrop for many outstanding athletic performances by our students. A huge thank you to Ms Lisa Paton our Leader of Sport for the organisation of this event and the staff who ensured the day was such a success.

Our Year 7 2022 students must be congratulated for how well they are building a real sense of belonging to our College community. Many Year 7 students, were involved in a wide variety of College activities this Term, such as our Year 7 2023 Open Night where we received positive feedback about the maturity they displayed in welcoming prospective parents and students to the College. This week the Year 7 Interim Report has been released online via Compass to parents and carers. Please contact the College if you would like any of the information from the report clarified, or you require a meeting to discuss your child’s progress.

Today we farewell Karen Earnshaw our College Finance Officer who is taking up a new role with the Wollongong Catholic Education Office. Karen commenced at St Benedict’s in 2011 and has led and managed our financial policies and procedures, financial accountabilities, and our Annual College Budget. Karen was responsible for the financial management of the College Building and Laptop Program, and she has also provided significant support and advice to many families. Karen will always be part of our St Benedict’s Community and we pray that our God will always hold her in the palm of his hand.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday which commemorates the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent. Just as we have unified ourselves with Christ in Lent, and prayed with the people of Ukraine as they seek to maintain their freedom and independence Pope Francis has reminded us to continue to pray for peace, “Peace in the world always begins with our personal conversion, following Christ.”

I would like to wish every member of our school community a safe and relaxing Term 1 Holiday.

P&F Expressions of interest.

It is a worthwhile and positive experience to be involved with the SBCC P&F, working closely with the College Principal and Leadership team to enrich the learning opportunities of our students.

The work of our P&F helps to ensure that our students experience at St Benedict’s Catholic College is of the highest quality.

Expressions of interest are currently sought for the SBCC P&F Executive Team. If you would like to make a contribution to our college as a P&F Committee member please email your details to:

Warm regards

Mrs Kerrie Piatek


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Stations of the Cross Liturgies

Our staff and students participated in STATIONS OF THE CROSS liturgies today in the Hall. A modern day reflection that captured the essence of this significant event for Jesus and Christianity.

A wonderful way to reflect on key aspects of our faith and to conclude Term 1.

The Stations of the Cross is a devotion following the events leading to Jesus’ crucifixion. Prayers accompanying it allow time to reflect on the mystery of his death. Originally the Stations of the Cross was an actual physical journey in and around Jerusalem. Later the series was symbolised in outdoor shrines, and today many parishes display artistic representations in their sanctuaries. The Stations of the Cross may be done at any time, but is commonly a part of Lenten spiritual practice, specifically on Good Friday.

IFTAR DINNER - Thursday 7 April 2022

If you ask many students, one of the hardest parts of learning is having to retain mass information for exams. The Association for Studies of Religion (ASR) and ISRA make this learning a little easier by inviting students across New South Wales to experience first-hand a Ramadan iftar (dinner). Our College is a member of ASR and I am an ASR Committee member.

The aim of the night, ‘A Taste of Ramadan’ is to allow students to experience and understand more about Ramadan and how Muslims break their fast and pray, while also allowing them to meet and interact with Muslim students, who share personal reflections of the month. Year 12 students Lachlan, Connor and Gwen had the opportunity to experience Ramadan with Muslims by joining students and staff from Amity College for this breaking of the fast meal (iftar)! As well as enjoying a delicious meal, students experienced and observed the following: Quran Recitation, Observing the congregational prayer, explanation about the importance of prayer, Talks on Ramadan from a Sunni and Shi'a perspective, Meeting and chatting to Muslim students and staff and eating delicious food. The baklava was amazing.

Thank You also to Mrs Grana, Ms Wojcik and Mr Agoo for joining with me in attending this event.

Reflection from Gwen

On Thursday evening, Connor, Lachlan and I attended the IFTAR, ‘A Taste of Ramadan’, dinner at Auburn. The IFTAR dinner was an incredibly insightful experience into the practices of Islam during ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

The evening was enlightening as we witnessed the Quranic recitations that were sung in Arabic, as well as the Shahada, prayer the men and women partook in before fast and the breaking of fast with a date, to follow in the sunnah (actions) of Prophet Muhammad. There were also speakers throughout the evening who talked about the individual and collective importance of Ramadan, as well as their journey in connecting to God and practicing their faith. We were able to learn, teach and share our beliefs, realising the many similarities Muslims and Christians have in terms of our views on God and the sacred texts in particular.

We also heard from the perspective of Shia Muslims, who explained the differences that distinguish their beliefs from the Sunni, but still they are united. Through the experience, I appreciated and was inspired by how deeply they practiced their faith and how openly devoted they were with their beliefs. The interfaith dialogue that took place allowed for greater understanding and respect that created connections and educated each other. It was incredibly welcoming, regardless of our different religions.

Thank you to Miss Wojcik, Mr Agoo, Mrs Grana and especially Mrs Logue for allowing us to be part of such a sacred evening.

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Congratulations are extended to Hannah D of Year 11 who has been accepted into the Australian Catholics Media Internship Program for 2022. This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in a career in journalism, communications, media or publishing. We are so excited about Hannah being chosen for this.

This year's program will take place online from 9 to 13 May. Hannah will join the editorial team and staff of Australian Catholics via teleconference throughout the week to plan, workshop and write articles for the Spring edition. Hannah will have the chance to learn how a magazine edition is developed, engaging in the creative thinking and planning that begins the process. We ensure they understand all the elements that bring together a publication, as well as giving them specific focus as they produce their own articles for publication.

ANZAC Day - Camden Dawn Service - Monday 25 April 2022

Our College will be leading the prayers at the Dawn Service for Camden and also participating in the Anzac Day Community March.

All members of our community are encouraged and invited to come along and join in either the Dawn Service, the Anzac March or both.

For those of you who wish to join us for the march - please meet Mrs Logue on Elizabeth Street near Mitchell Street, Camden. The College Banner will be there so you will be able to find us.

Please wear your College Uniform for both events.

The Camden RSL Sub Branch will be hosting the following commemoration services on Monday 25 April 2022:

  • Camden RSL Sub Branch Dawn Service

    Time: 5.15am

    Location: Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park

  • Camden RSL Sub Branch March

    Time: 10.30am

    Location: Camden Town Centre

  • Camden RSL Sub Branch Community Service

    Time: 11.15am

    Location: Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park

Opening College Mass & ANZAC Ceremony

Our Opening College Mass will take place on Thursday 28 April 2022 (Week 1, Term 2) at 11:00am in the Hall. This occasion will be a Covid safe event and only staff and students will be able to attend.

The Mass will be celebrated by Fr David Catterall - Parish Priest of St Mary MacKillop Oran Park and will include the badging of the 2022 Youth Ministry Leaders and House Captains.

The ANZAC Ceremony will follow the Mass.

Mrs Kimberley Logue

Director of Mission and Vision

Religious Education Coordinator

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St Benedict's Catholic College - NAPLAN info-portal

For more information please review our microsite here

Mr Chris Shelton

Director of Teaching & Learning

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3rd Place in the 2021 Young Geographer Awards

The College would like to congratulate Therese S (Year 12) who has earned 3rd place in the 2021 Young Geographer Awards.

The Young Geographer Awards invites students in NSW and the ACT to demonstrate engagement with Geography, the discipline and with the tools and skills of Geography through the creation and conduct of an inquiry-based research project.

Therese earned 3rd place in all of NSW and the ACT for her SGP entry:

"The economic and environmental influences of food waste in Sydney Markets, and it's contribution to a microbusiness in Brownlow Hill.”

The feedback from the Geography Teachers Association of NSW & ACT was as follows:

“The judges thought this was an outstanding piece of research involving the construction of a vermicomposter and collection of a wide variety of primary data over a 10 week period.

Moreover, that there was a detailed analysis of the results supported by secondary research.”

Other students that also entered the competition and produced professional and comprehensive reports were:

  • Rhiannon E (Year 12)

  • Kate L (Year 12)

  • Aaliyah A (class of 2021)

  • Chelsea G (class of 2021)

Congratulations to Therese, and these young Geographers.

Miss Madelaine Joyce

Senior Geography Teacher

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Western Sydney University Fast Forward Program for Year 9

The WSU Fast Forward program encourages students to see the value in continuing their education through year 12 and beyond. By building student confidence and academic ability, the program aims to increase the awareness of post-school educational opportunities, and promotes the benefits of lifelong learning and the career paths it leads to. Commencing in year 9 and continuing through year 12, the program consists of activities and events tailored to each year group.

The Year 9 Welcome to Western Sydney University Fast Forward Zoom was held on 31 March 6.30 - 7.30pm via Zoom, students and their families were welcomed to the Western Sydney University community and informed about the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. Throughout the year students will participate in online School Workshops designed to enhance social and academic skills and assist them in reaching their full potential.

Year 9 students in the program were presented by Mrs Piatek with a copy of ‘Letter To My Teenage Self’ book, as a Welcome Gift from Western Sydney University.

In order to participate in the program students had to satisfy the criteria as outlined by Western Sydney University. Congratulations to the following Year 9 students for being involved in the program:

Chloe C, Ted C, Alana C, Angus D, Alyssa D, Rhys D, Blake E, Samantha E, Kirsty F, Lucinda G, Jada H, Joshua H, Cody I, Alex J, Aaron JJ

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ANZAC Day March

St Benedict’s Catholic College students are invited to participate in the main ANZAC Day March and Community Service on Monday, 25 March 2022.

Students wishing to participate will assemble in Elizabeth Street between Mitchell and Elizabeth Streets from 10.00 am.

Drop off: Parents are to ensure that students are dropped off to a staff member at this location. You will see the College Banner.

Pick up: Parents are to collect students at the conclusion of the march from the Bicentennial Equestrian Park. From a staff member.

The March will commence at 10.30am, and students will move from Elizabeth Street, down Arygle Street, follow Cawdor Road to the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park, where they are to be met by their parents, for the commencement of the 2022 Camden Anzac Day Commemoration Service commencing at 11.15 am.

We ask students to wear their full summer uniform.

If you are able to attend on the day it would be greatly appreciated! Please notify Mrs Logue if this is a possibility for your family.

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Fifth Week of Lent

(Week beginning Monday 4 April)

This week, through Project Compassion we learnt about Shaniella who is attending a vocational school in the Solomon Islands supported by Caritas Australia Solomon Islands (CASI). Not long after Shaniella started, the school was hit by a landslide, flooding, and a cyclone, all in quick succession.

With your kind support, CASI helped install water tanks, restoring clean water access to nearby schools, health centres and the wider community. Training was held in agricultural skills to help boost the school community’s food security, as well as in environmental risk management and emergency responses.

Now, Shaniella can complete her skills training, with enough water and food to eat, and improved sanitation. She is improving her ability to earn an income, learning skills which will expand her job opportunities. Students are also better prepared to respond when disaster strikes.

Watch a short film about Shaniella’s story here.

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Holy Week

(Week beginning Monday 11 April)

As we enter Holy Week, we continue to reflect on the lives of people vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice and how we can respond through supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal.

Your generosity is the pebble that allows Caritas Australia to create the ripples that will improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities, supporting them to flourish and create opportunities for future generations to live to their full potential and thrive. You can continue to support Project Compassion by donating to their website here:

Pope Francis once said, ‘it is not enough to say we are Christians. We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions’.

I can certainly say that everyone in our school community has done exactly that, we have as a community, lived our faith in both words and with our actions throughout this term whilst raising money for Project Compassion as well as the Camden Floods.

Together, we have raised $3973.

We did this through holding various events such as, BBQs, selling Zooper Doopers every Tuesday after sport, Pancake stall, Easter egg guessing competition, Harmony Week, Easter Raffle and through the continuous donations to the Project Compassion boxes during STRIVE.

To say that I am proud of our community, is an understatement. The staff, students, parents and carers of our school continue to amaze me with their generosity. With that in mind, the Social Justice team would like to thank our staff for their constant support and encouragement throughout a very busy term.

We would also like to thank all students who have supported the team by taking part in everything that we have offered this term. And a huge thank you to the parents of our students, who donated items for our Easter hampers, particularly to Mrs Di-Filippo for providing our team with the packaging we needed for our hampers, your generosity was greatly appreciated. We are delighted to let you know that we managed to create a number of hampers to raffle, a first prize, a second prize and runner ups.

We have also created two hampers to send to the children’s ward in Campbelltown Hospital and a hamper to send to Carrington Aged Care in Camden along with cards made by Mrs Wardley and signed by the Social Justice team.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Easter Raffle:

1st place: Darcy C (12)

2nd place: Emma W (7.1)

Runner ups:

Claire S (8)

Evangelene M (7)

Mr Martin

Mrs Grana

Lachlan M (7.5)

Ashlyn KA (7.3)

We would also like to congratulate Lily C in Year 7 for guessing the correct amount of eggs in the jar first, there were 56! And congratulations to Elijah D in Year 7 for guessing the correct amount second.

The Social Justice team would like to wish everyone in St. Benedict’s Catholic College, a very blessed and happy Easter with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you in Term 2 when we launch the Winter Appeal!

Mrs Sara-Jane Castelli

Social Justice Coordinator

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Diary dates

Mon 11 April - Sun 24 April

  • School Holidays

Mon 25 April

  • Anzac Day Public Holiday

Tue 26 April

  • Staff Professional Development / Pupil free day

Wed 27 April

  • Students return to school
  • School Photo Day (full winter uniform with blazer)

Thurs 28 April

  • Opening school Mass and ANZAC Ceremony

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SBCC Athletics Carnival

College Athletics Carnival

The College Athletics Carnival took place on Monday 4 April. A perfect day with the sun shining for a fun-filled and competitive day at Campbelltown Athletics Centre. Some outstanding athletic performances were on show with a number of school records being broken. A special mention to Joseph C for breaking 4 school records in all field events held on the day.

Congratulations to the following students who have been named Age Champion and Runners Up:

Boys 12 Years

Age Champion - Jaiden D

Runner Up - Levi H

Girls 12 Years

Age Champion - Evangeline G

Runner Up - Juliann D

Boys 13 Years

Age Champion - Pedro S

Runner Up - Joe A

Girls 13 Years

Age Champion - Emily D

Runner Up - Madison A

Boys 14 Years

Age Champion - Jude H

Runner Up - Cooper C

Girls 14 Years

Age Champion - Claudia M

Runner Up - Penelope A

Boys 15 Years

Age Champion - Riley D

Runner Up - Lincoln J

Girls 15 Years

Age Champion - Mikaylah R

Runner Up - Indiana I

Boys 16 Years

Age Champion - Joseph C

Runner Up - Liam G

Girls 16 Years

Age Champion - Selena B

Runner Up - Molly K

Boys Opens

Age Champion - Ryan W

Runner Up - Fynn B

Girls Opens

Age Champion - Annalysse S

Runner Up - Charlotte M

House spirit was high throughout the day with a high level of participation in all events.

Congratulations to our 2022 Athletics Carnival House winner Dharawal! Followed by 2nd Norcia, 3rd Ingham, 4th Hildegard, 5th Polding and 6th Mackillop.

A big thank you to all staff and office staff, the day would not be successful without their help.

Well done to all students who participated and cheered on their fellow house members throughout the day!

Miss Lisa Paton

Sports Coordinator

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Year 9 Industrial Technology Timber Tea Lights

Year 9 Industrial Technology Timber are very excited to finish their first project of the year - a tealight candle holder!

Students have been using specialist tools in the workshop such as forstner drill bits, wood plug cutters, the Pedestal drill press, jack planes, tenon saws, bench clamps and vices to manufacture these stunning candle holders.

We hope these candle holders grace the dining tables of our students' homes, taking their rightful pride of place and serve as a family highlight to be shown off at every family occasion!

Congratulations to Year 9 - especially the students below who were the first in the grade to finish their projects and have them home well before Mother’s day!

Ariel C, Marcus C, Dylan K, Jackson H, Trent L, Jett T, Aiden G, Connor C, Charlie H.

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Book v Movie Trivia Competition

The Book to Movie Trivia competition was held in the Library on Wednesday 6 April 2022.

More than 80 students competed for first place prize of a movie voucher and boxes of Maltesers as runners up prizes in an exciting Kahoot game!

Congratulations to our winners and special thanks to our Compere Mr Andruschko. Great fun was had by all and we look forward to hosting more competitions and events in the Library in the near future.

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The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) fast facts

Challenge opens Monday 28 February 2022

Challenge ends Friday 19 August 2022

  • Read 20 books (15 from the PRC Booklist and 5 personal choice)

  • Books read since the challenge ended last year can be counted towards this year’s challenge

  • To register sign up with the Library Staff - any time

  • PRC Books in our Library have a big red sticker

  • PRC Books on Sora (digital books) are listed as PRC Books

  • Complete the challenge - receive an award issued by the NSW Premier

Students may visit the Premiers Reading Challenge website here

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Year 8 Newspaper Garment

This Tuesday during our year assembly, Year 8 was given the opportunity to continue looking at the Super Hero Within theme that was explored during our Reflection Day early this term.

As a strive group, students were given a newspaper and masking tape and were instructed to create a Super Hero garment that represented their Strive group. There were some very creative and interesting garments modelled on the day and a congratulation goes to Miss Pepper and 8.8 for winning the overall competition.

Thank you to Mrs Piatek and Mr Wheeler for being special guests and our judges on the day.

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College student photograph reminder - 1st day back Term 2

Winter uniform.

College photographs will be taken on the first day back in Term 2 - Wednesday 27 April 2022.

Please ensure students are wearing full winter uniform including blazer and adhere to the

St Benedict's Catholic College Uniform Guidelines

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SBCC P&F Mother's Day Committee

Interested parents and carers are invited to join the St Benedict's Catholic College P & F Mother's Day Committee.

To register your interest please submit your details here:

SBCC P&F Mother's Day Committee

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Rainier School Uniform Shop - Update

RANIER has advised that there may be significant delays with the school uniform. This delay is due to COVID lockdowns in China.

P & F Clothing Pool

The P & F Clothing Pool has reopened, please contact the P & F via with a list of your requirements and a contact telephone number and Tracey will contact you. Items can be paid for and collected from the SBCC College Office.


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