No Bullying Policy

Amendment XXVIII

Please Make No Bullying Apart Of The Amendments

This amendment would address everyone in the United States. Does not just have to be towards children or teens but also adults. Having a no bullying amendment would prevent humans from getting harassed. People should not be judged in any shape or form because everyone is different. This would also prevent people from committing suicide because other kids or adults harassed them in any way. The cons of this situation is that it wont fully stop bullying but it will decrease the amount of it. there is way to many kids and adults getting harassed in school and out of school. Another con would be trying to figure out a bigger punishment for bullying. Clearly right now the punishments are not teaching the bullies anything. The pros are already listed above. Would prevent teenagers and adults from taking their life when they could be enjoying life. This amendment might take awhile to finalize but this will keep humans from hurting one another.