BPS Newsletter

Issue 1 - 21st August 2020

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Wishing You a Warm Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome both new and existing families back to the British Primary Section for the 2020-21 Academic year. This calendar year has certainly been a challenge, however, I truly believe that as a learning community for all, we continue to thrive and would like to reassure you that we take the responsibility of having your trust to educate your children very seriously, and look forward to working in partnership with you so that your children continue to flourish!

Over the summer, much work has continued to ensure that we provide the best environment possible for all to succeed. Much of this is discussed in the small video below, presented by Mr Stallwod and myself, however, I would like to bring to your attention our renewed energy which is encapsulated in our Vision Statement below:

'To be a flourishing, multilingual and multicultural community of lifelong learners that embrace independence, curiosity and empathy to make a positive difference in local, national and global environments.'

I want to reassure you that working alongside all Sections, this vision is central to our ethos. We want to ensure that every child 'flourishes' by providing an environment where all children grow into successful members of society - essentially making the world a better place! Within the British Primary School, our holistic education is upheld by our 'Community Values' of Respect, Participation, Responsibility, Creativity and Perseverance. These are central in ensuring that our students make a positive difference!

Essential in everything that we do is Safeguarding. Keeping children, your children safe, physically, mentally and socially is our priority, but also we pride ourselves on safeguarding your children's success. You will have already received information in relation to our academic achievement, which we are very proud of, however we continue to strive for further success, we are relentless in this pursuit!

Finally, as you will be aware of, we are still enacting Covid-19 measures to mitigate any risk posed to our community. Although this may not be ideal, central to everything that we do is that of your children - and I would like to thank you for your support.

Best wishes

Luke Chaeter

A welcome message from the Head and Deputy Head

Welcome to the British Primary Section 2020-2021
TES Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Please click the above button for the changes of this year's academic calendar.

Important Contacts from the Student Services Department

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Up-coming events of The Community Services Center

To support The Community Services Center in Tienmu, we would like to introduce the Center events below. If you have any questions about their events, please do not hesitate to contact The Community Services Center directly via email on pia@communitycenter.org.tw
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BPS Parent Handbook 2020-2021

Click here for the handbook.

Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Nursery and Reception Entry and Pick-Up

Please be reminded that parents are to drop off and pick-up all children who attend our Nursery and Reception classes at our new Early Years entry and exit entrance (pictured below).

Please note that this access will be closed at 0800hrs. In the eventuality of arriving after this time, please go to our Main School Entrance where a member of staff will assist.

For making sure all students go to their classroom safely, there will be staff at the Infant School Entrance, Main School Entrance and school bus bay to supervise new students.

Walk Home Pass

Please be aware, that if you wish your child to 'Walk home' you must contact Irene Lin (irene.lin@tes.tp.edu.tw) who will provide you with the necessary permission slips before your child is issued with this years pass.


Please be aware that if your children arrive after 0800hrs, they will be marked as late. If your child arrives after 0815hrs they must go immediately to the Main Office so that the register can be updated. This is important as this is a central register which forms an accurate log of students on site at all times.

Supporting Families in Quarantine

If you are unable to attend school due to quarantine, please contact your class teacher. At the BPS we will support all children during quarantine with online learning. This will be 1x maths and 1x literacy per day for children in Year 1 to Year 6 during this period. If your children are in our Nursery or Reception classes, suitable learning will be provided.

New Lunch

I would like to thank all who have preordered lunch through TESmile. The new range of food options on offer has proved very popular - so much so, that many BPS Staff have also pre ordered!
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BP PTA Info Morning on Thursday 27th August at 9am via Zoom

BPPTA is now inviting you join them as Class Representative for the Academic Year 2020-2021. A letter from Mr Chaeter will be sent home on Monday 24th August 2020. If you are interested to in becoming a class Representative, please sign and return the reply slip to your class teacher.

As you can see, this is an important part of our PTA, and if you have any further questions, we will be pleased to discuss these in the PTA Info Morning which will take place via zoom at 9:00am to 10:00am on Thursday 27th August 2020.

Here is the link for the zoom meeting:


Meeting ID: 967 6807 4307

Passcode: 6tMdDn

To support our Community Centre in Tienmu, the posters below show their upcoming events. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me via email on pia@communitycenter.org.tw