An Interview With Mrs.Prewitt

By Addison Walker

Prewitt's Back Story

Mrs. Prewitt Studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. This was to earn a Bachelor's degree in the Liberal Arts and minor in English. Mrs. Prewitt has taught English for many years and recently switched schools in the Midlothian Independent School District to their freshmen campus to teach 9th grade English.

Prewitt's Classrom

Mrs. Prewitt teaches English to 9th graders at a freshmen center in Midlothian, Texas. Mrs. Prewitt's classroom is one of the most fun, inviting atmospheres I've ever been in. As soon as you step foot into her classroom you want to stay there and learn more about her and how her class is operated. The teacher is very interactive with her students and really takes an interest in them and wanting to build a relationship with them. She makes the learning environment exciting and energetic causing you to become more curious and thirsty for the knowledge she is trying to hand out to every one's seeking brains. Just by watching Mrs. Prewitt teach you can tell she loves her job, though it takes quite the motivation. While speaking to her she told me that on a scale from one to ten the level of motivation that is needed is a seven. That most likely is greatly affected by the amount of time she puts towards her job a week. It is a large amount at fifty to fifty-five hours a week. Mrs. Prewitt's biggest challenge in teaching is the administration duties she must fulfill, such as meetings and trainings. Her biggest reward from teaching is making connections with students both academically and personally. While Mrs. Prewitt may face challenges and high levels of motivation that she needs, but she sure does make running a classroom look effortless.